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Armoured Fighting Tractor

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This article is about Relic items. The mechanics of this article are subject to change and might be outdated. Check this article for the mechanics for obtaining the relic item.

Armoured Fighting Tractor
Armored Fighting Tractor Icon.png
100 Basic Materials.png
Disabled under:
0% health
Fuel capacity:
Consumption rate:
12L / min
Twin Barrel 7.92mm Machine Gun
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A recovered Colonial prototype once found in early mechanized warfare. Built on the frame of a powerful tractor, this amoured vehicle was seen escorting soldiers or, later, in support of larger armoured forces.
In-game decription

The Armoured Fighting Tractor (also referred to as an AFT), is a Relic Vehicle similar to the player built Armored Car. It has an increased inventory of four slots, superior armour and better off-road performance. The Armoured Fighting Tractor (crate of 3) can be created by using the corresponding Prototype Kit at a Mass Production Factory along with 240 Refined Materials (minus a 10% discount).

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Historical Reference[edit | edit source]

The Armoured Fighting Tractor appears to have be based off the Chain Track Tractor.

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