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Buildings are structures around the world that players either build or repair. Each building has different resource cost depending on its structural strength or usefulness.

Spawn & Storage[edit | edit source]

Building Cost Image Description
Campsite 50 Basic Materials.png Campsite Icon.png Single player spawn structure that must be built on the edge of a map.
Barracks 100 Basic Materials.png Barracks.png Small spawn structure built with Hammer.
Storage Box 25 Basic Materials.png StorageDay.png An 18 slot storage container.
Encampment 300 Basic Materials.png Encampment Icon.png Non-armored structure built with CV for spawning.
Field Base 100 Basic Materials.png Icon Field Base.png Reinforced structure upgraded with CV for spawning.
Outpost 100 Refined Materials.png Outpost.png Heavily fortified structure built with CV for spawning.
Fort 50 Basic Materials.png An ancient structure that has been repurposed into a remote operating base.
Garrison Camp 300 Basic Materials.png T1TownHall.jpg A weak static base that acts as a spawn point and stockpile.
Garrison Base 100 Basic Materials.png T2TownHall.png An upgrade from the Garrison Camp, a sturdy static base that acts as a spawn point and stockpile.
Town Hall 200 Refined Materials.png T3Town Hall.jpg An upgrade from the Garrison Base, a reinforced static base that acts as a spawn point and stockpile, as well as the primary objectives for attack/defense in order to win a war.

Defenses[edit | edit source]

Building Cost Image Description
Watch Tower 60 Basic Materials.png WatchTowerDay.png Spots threats in accordance with Map Intelligence.
M. Foxhole 50 Basic Materials.png FoxholeDay.png Basic defensive structure able to shoot enemies.
Gun Nest 50 Refined Materials.png Gun Nest.png An upgraded Foxhole, the Gun Nest offers improved cover, superior fire, and is equipped with Frag Grenades.
Light Pillbox 80 link = Basic Materials Light Pillbox Icon.png An entrenched machine gun emplacement. Limited firing arc.
Pillbox 115 Basic Materials.png PillboxEvening.png An upgrade from the Light Pillbox, a heavily fortified machine gun post. Limited firing arc.
Sunken Pillbox 80 Refined Materials.png Sunken Pillbox Icon Placeholder.png An automatically retracting turret, resistant to damage when not engaging an enemy.
Gun Turret 70 Refined Materials.png Anti-tank-turret.png Anti-armor turret used to fortify against heavy vehicles.
Howitzer 150 Basic Materials.png Howitzer kit.png Powerful stationary defense with long range and large splash damage radius.
Bunker 120 Refined Materials.png BunkerIcon.png Strong defensive wall built as an upgrade to the Fortress Wall.
Garrisoned House 120 Basic Materials.png Icon Garrisoned House.png An abandoned building in the world that has been fortified and garrisoned.
Tunnel Network 250 Basic Materials.png TunnelNetworkIconPlaceholder.png Tunnel node used to activate passive defense structures.

Protective Structures[edit | edit source]

Building Cost Image Description
Barbed Wire 20 Basic Materials.png BarbedWireDay.png Used to slow down enemy infantry movement. Can be dismantled with a Wrench.
Sandbags 10 Basic Materials.png Sandbags.png A defensive wall that hinders enemy movement and provides cover during combat.
Chain Link Fence 15 Basic Materials.png FenceDay.png A basic barrier that is used to prevent passage through an area.
Reinforced Wall 30 Basic Materials.png ReinforcedWallDay.png A metal upgrade of the Chain Link Fence that vastly increases durability.
Fortress Wall 50 Refined Materials.png FortressWallDay.png A durable concrete upgrade to the Reinforced Wall with very high health.
Gate 30 link = Basic Materials Gate Icon.png A basic retractable gate that provides access to a walled off area.
Heavy Gate 100 Basic Materials.png Heavy gate.png A strong retractable gate built as an upgrade from the Gate.
Tank Trap 20 Refined Materials.png TankTrap.png An anti-tank obstacle that prevents vehicle access to an area. Can be dismantled with a Wrench.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Building Cost Image Description
Technology Center N/A Img Tech Center.png Used to view the tech tree and submit Technology Parts
Firing Range N/A Firing Range.png Neutral structure that shows damage statistics when shot
Vehicle Factory 400 Basic Materials.png Img Vehicle Factory.png Allows production of vehicles and artillery
Shipyard 400 Basic Materials.png Img Shipyard.png Allows production and docking of Barges and Gunboats
Refinery 400 Scrap.png Manufacturing Plant.png Refines; Scrap, Components, and Sulfur into materials
Weapon Factory 300 Basic Materials.png Img Weapon Factory.png Processes orders for weapon and ammunition crates
Workshop 300 Basic Materials.png Img Workshop.png Produces utility items like; Sledge Hammer, Radio, and Gas Masks
Supply Station 300 Basic Materials.png Img Supply Station.png Produces S. Supplies for re-spawns at a Town Hall, Outpost, or Barracks
Medical Lab 300 Basic Materials.png Hospital.png Produces First Aid Kits, Trauma Kits, and Bandages
Stone Bridge 300 Basic Materials.png Brige.png Can be destroyed/rebuilt to allow for passage of troops and vehicles
Wooden Bridge 150 Basic Materials.png Wooden Bridge.jpg Allows infantry to cross rivers.
Reinforced Drawbridge 300 Basic Materials.png Reinforced Drawbridge.png Allows land vehicles and infantry to cross rivers when lowered; allows water vehicles to pass under when raised
Wooden Drawbridge 150 Basic Materials.png Wooden Drawbridge.png Allows infantry to cross rivers when lowered; allows water vehicles to pass under when raised

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