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Squad overlay.jpg
Uses: Player coordination

Gives players more possibilities for coordination as well as to protect them from griefing. Can be created by players with a Rank of Cpl or higher.

Squad officers can create mission objectives on the map and invite other players in the squad (as members or officers). This is assuming they have gathered at least 5 players.

When a squad claims a vehicle or building no one can take away what is inside. But remember, if the vehicle or structure is destroyed all that was in the inside will fall on the ground.

When a squad claims and locks a vehicle, the squad members can still enter and access the vehicle. The squad lock is automatically removed after 45 minutes.

At any Storage Depot, squads can create a squad storage only accessible by squad members. The squad storage is deleted and its content dumped into the public depot after 50hrs without anything being added to it.

Squad names[edit | edit source]

Squads can be named by the commander of the squad.

Squad changes that came with update 0.31[edit | edit source]

  • Squads can now be set to Private or Public
  • Squads can be given a fully customized name
  • Full voice chat with Squad members (press 'G')
  • Squad members have a distinct colour for their names on the HUD
  • Squad Leaders
    • If Squad Leader is nearby they will appear on the Compass
    • Squad Leader has a unique colour for their name on the HUD
    • Squad Leader can be reassigned