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For this guide we will focus on proper base and outpost building strategies. By no means is this a comprehensive guide and will change as patches are released and new features are implemented.

General Building Strategies[edit | edit source]

Towns and Outposts[edit | edit source]

Building up towns is a surefire way to keep them for the duration of the game and will eventually lead to winning the war. The easier a town is to defend the less likely players we have defending the town will die and consume S. Supplies.

Building Defenses[edit | edit source]

Early Game[edit | edit source]

In the early game the most important thing to build are basic defenses in strategic points in towns.

Step 1: Secure Scrapyard[edit | edit source]
  • The scrapyard is the most important location in the game as it is where everything originates from
  • It is incredibly easy to disrupt the enemy team if you attack their yard early
Step 2: Secure Buildings[edit | edit source]
Step 3: Upgrade Defenses[edit | edit source]
Step 4: Begin Constructing Walls[edit | edit source]
Mid and Late Game[edit | edit source]

By now we should have access to Refined Materials and we can start getting fancy.

Step 1: Upgrade Walls to Fortress Walls[edit | edit source]
  • The maximum tier wall is absolutely essential for dealing with the oncoming threats from the enemy team as they acquire more and more types of explosives
Step 2: Build Gun Turrets, and upgrade your foxholes to Gun Nests[edit | edit source]
  • These are three of the strongest defensive buildings in the game.
  • Cover roads, choke points, breach zones and layer them in a way that players can stand near them and fight.
  • Allow players to fall back to different areas of defenses.
  • Cover any sneaky entrances.
  • Ensure that all these are inside the range of a FOB (80 meters) or Static Base (150 meters) to have them automatically fire at enemies.

Wall Building Guide[edit | edit source]

One of the most important aspects of the game is the wall. It is VERY important where your walls are placed and how the enemy is going to crash into them.

Walling Off A Town[edit | edit source]

The most common strategy is a long wall built around the perimeter of a town. It is good that something was built around the town but this strategy has many weaknesses and is ill advised. It is recommended to follow these guidelines instead.

  • Instead of one long wall with a large diameter, reduce the diameter of the wall to something more compact.
  • Interweave the walls between Garrisoned Houses to emulate built in wall defenses.
  • The smaller diameter means that walls will cost less to upgrade to Fortress Walls.
  • Add gates at logical entrances to the town but not more than 3 total.
  • Eliminate gaps that enemies can slip through creating an "airtight" seal around the heart of the town.
  • Mind space available when building walls, roads will still need space for trucks and players to move around.

Defenses and Walls[edit | edit source]

  • We should be building our automated defenses on BOTH sides of the wall, you do not want enemies marching up to the wall uncontested.
  • Identify "breach" zones where enemies are likely to puncture the wall and build focused defenses facing that breach, this is extremely effective versus poor tank drivers.
    • You can also build Barbed Wire in places like this so infantry cannot rush if the wall is taken out.
  • Always build Sandbags in-between defenses so that infantry can support the defense of an area and still have cover.
    • DO NOT BUILD SANDBAGS IN FRONT OF DEFENSES. This blocks the gunfire from automated nest and ally players.

Layering Defenses and Walls[edit | edit source]

  • Utilizing the techniques from the above two sections, repeat building outwards from your town or outpost giving a decent amount of space for a "combat zone" in-between layers
  • Layering like this creates "no mans lands" that are easy to defend
  • A "breach" in the wall is much less severe because the enemy if just forcing themselves into another kill zone

Defense Building Guide[edit | edit source]

The Defenses and Their Strengths/Weaknesses/Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Manned Foxhole
    • Can shoot in 360 degrees and take care of lingering infantry
  • Gun Nest
    • Same as foxhole but much stronger/sturdier and lobs grenades
    • Be really careful fighting in front of these as the grenades can land on you
  • Gun Turret
    • Extremely effective vs. Tanks and Half-tracks
    • Is built facing a direction but the turret can rotate 360 degrees
    • Once it is done firing it will swivel to face the direction it was built in
    • Does not fire at infantry
  • Light Pillbox
    • The Light Pillbox is more durable than the Manned Foxhole.
    • Covers a arc in front of it but is completely defenseless from behind
    • Build Foxholes to cover the rear for added security
    • Focus them on a breach or roadway for maximum effectiveness
  • Pillbox
    • Is more durable than the Light Pillbox
  • Garrisoned House
    • Fires from its windows on the first and second floor
    • Do not cover its windows or it cant see/fire at enemies
    • Can have players inside for added effectiveness
    • Sturdy but can be taken out with small explosives like High Explosive Grenades
  • Barbed Wire
    • Slows player movement speed to almost 0%
    • Do not put where friendlies are going to run
    • Instead place where you don't want rushes to occur or where you can trap enemy players in front of defenses

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The Importance of Choke Points[edit | edit source]

A Choke Point is a location in which the enemy cannot move laterally and must come at you from a single direction. It is difficult or impossible to flank and very easy to defend.

When building any Outpost or forward position you must consider how to effectively control the area with the items and players at your disposal. Follow some of these basic ideas to make the most out of securing an advanced position.

  • Identify a choke point of the map and seize early control of it, these will be locations that the enemy HAS to come at you from
  • Ensure the choke point is not too small, you need to build defenses for the enemy to crash into, leave yourself a little space

Here is a scenario I saw in game: rather than build a defensive wall for the front at a choke point down the road a team built a VERY long defensive wall along a road to the North of the choke point. This let the enemy team freely move to the South laterally along our wall from West to East. As you can imagine it was a nightmare to defend as the enemy could attack the wall ANYWHERE along it's length. If we would have built a smaller wall farther up we could have layered it and made an "airtight" defense that the enemy could not have snaked back and forth across.