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Combat In Foxhole[edit | edit source]

Combat in Foxhole is an ebb and flow of attack and defense along player defined front lines. This guide will be my opinions on how to best approach combat as a team to maximize effectiveness and win wars quickly. Thus the roles defined herein are subject to change but still heavily advised.

Player Load-outs[edit | edit source]

Here are some basic load-outs that can get you started in filling one of these roles. Some notes of importance...

  • Every load-out has a maximum of one primary weapon. You do not need more than one! The Encumbrance will become too much and you will not be able to move freely.
  • When assembling Ammunition keep in mind you only need 2-3 magazines! The more you have the slower you will be and the greater chance you will die and give that ton of ammo to the enemy team!
    • There are a couple weapons where more ammo is OK, such as the; Heavy MG and SMG which will chew through ammunition quickly.
    • It is especially important for the Heavy MG to have extra ammunition in order to suppress enemy defenses with sustained fire
  • Every load-out must have at least 1 Bandage, this will keep you from bleeding out if your medic cannot get to you in time

Rifleman/Grenadier[edit | edit source]

This is probably the most common load-out as it is the easiest to produce. It is also the most flexible, allowing it to fill different sub roles.

Sub Roles for Rifleman[edit | edit source]

With the diversity of the rifleman kit there are a lot of jobs that can be tackled. For instance...

  • If you're squad require more grenade support you can forgo the primary weapon in exchange for more grenades of multiple types
  • You do not always need it but the Grenade Launcher is fantastic for damaging infantry at long range, though it only works with equipped Frag Grenades
  • If the enemy has a lot of entrenched positions more Green Ash grenades will make enemies flee
  • If you are moving through enemy territory more Smoke grenades will help obscure defenses that would otherwise shoot at you

Medic[edit | edit source]

A medic is crucial for preventing the teams loss of S. Supplies by reviving and healing teammates. They should be carrying the following...

The medic also needs Bandages and Blood Plasma which are consumed by the trauma and first aid kit when healing people. The bandage are are also needed if the medic needs to stop its own bleeding.

Note that a dedicated medic does not have a primary weapon, if you do carry a primary that means you will have to switch between it and the Trauma Kit in order to revive players. This wastes precious time and friendlies will more than likely bleed out.

Heavy Machine Gunner[edit | edit source]

This role is a slow moving powerhouse meant for suppressing and killing infantry and light structures.

Anti-Tank[edit | edit source]

The sole purpose of this role is to kill enemy defenses, Half-tracks, and Tanks.

Keep in mind R.P.G. shells do not stack so you must carry them individually which fills up inventory space fast.

Squad Leader[edit | edit source]

The squad leader will most likely be outfitted like a Rifleman with the following exceptions...

Role Techniques[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Here are some techniques that apply for all cases...

  • Using MMB (middle mouse button) while moving will rotate the game camera, use the corners of your screen to see about 50% farther than you would normally be able to
  • Avoid automated defenses, know how to maneuver around them and where they can see
  • Avoid rushing without coordination, don't just throw your life away and waste S. Supplies
  • Firing while moving is always more inaccurate than standing; stand still, shoot, and then move and repeat
  • Use Cover to increase your accuracy.
  • Enemies will be able to see you gunfire in the dark, don't stand in one place for too long
  • You cursor placement when firing is important; your reticle must be on or slightly behind the enemy to be accurate
    • If aiming slightly behind the enemy you should see a white line and dot followed by a red line and dot. The white dot is where you shot is aimed. I personally prefer to shoot like this.
    • Elevation can do odd things to aiming. Pay attention to the white and red lines and where you shots are supposed to go. Hills and bumps can block your shots. Especially up a hill.
    • Accuracy is not a guarantee, all weapons even the Rifle have tiny bit of spread and can miss
  • Keep an eye on your Stamina, save it for effectively sprinting away from danger, and don't ever let it go into the red if you are engaging enemies or else you may drop from exhaustion and be a free target

Rifleman[edit | edit source]

The primary job of the rifleman is to kill enemy infantry. Here are some tips...

  • When using Frag Grenades without a launcher you can cook them by holding down LMB (left mouse button) a little before throwing, this will ensure the enemy has no time to get away before the explosion
  • Use hit and run tactics whenever applicable, hide behind something after killing especially with slow fire guns like the Rifle and Shotgun

Medic[edit | edit source]

The medic is important to prevent friendly deaths and the deterioration of S. Supplies. It is not an easy role to fill and requires a different play-style than the other roles.

Refer to the Medic Guide for tips on how to be an actually good medic.

Heavy Machine Gunner[edit | edit source]

A machine gunners primary job is to suppress and kill enemy infantry. However, due to the fact that you must place the gun before using it you must be especially aware of your positioning. A good machine gunner will do the following...

  • Position themselves so that they are not easily hit with grenades or flanked, a good way to do this is to enter a friendly Manned Foxhole or Pillbox which will also give you an accuracy boost
  • Control an area in front of them, restricting enemy movement and gunning down anyone who comes into range
  • Abusing the long range of the Heavy MG
  • Suppressing enemy automated defenses so that infantry can approach and destroy them

Anti-Tank[edit | edit source]

The primary job of the anti-tank soldier is to destroy enemy vehicles and structures. Here are some tips...

  • Against Tanks shoot the sides and back to bypass some of their armor
  • Wait around corners for approaching vehicles and give them a nice surprise
  • Walk with you Pistol equipped to move at normal speed as the R.P.G. makes you painfully slow
  • Stay close to your squad, since you have limited firepower and movement

Squad Leader[edit | edit source]

This job requires you to know a lot about squad composition and positioning. You must use your Binoculars efficiently to see enemy movement and direct your squad to meet new threats.

Advanced Roles[edit | edit source]

Mortar Team[edit | edit source]

A team of 2 players that will use the Mortar and Binoculars to devastating effect. The composition is as follows...

Artillery/Field Gun Team[edit | edit source]

A team of 2 players that will use the push-able vehicles to deadly effect. A Field Machine Gun team does not require Binoculars. Here are the compositions...

Refer to the Field Artillery Guide for more in depth instructions on how to use this kit. In general, push-able attack vehicles like these need to abuse their long range. Do not allow enemies to move into grenade or flanking positions, the enemy could gain control of them and turn them around on you.

Filling Roles[edit | edit source]

It is important that you identify what roles are needed at the front and try to fill them. If you notice that there are no medics then you must take up the responsibility for the good of the team. Keep in mind what a good team composition is and do not over saturate niche roles like machine gunner and AT if there is no need.

Team Composition[edit | edit source]

Speaking solely about front line combat we want a similar composition to the following... assuming a 10 person squad. Scale this accordingly with the number of players at your disposal.

  • 6 Rifleman/Grenadiers
  • 2 Medics
  • 1 Heavy Machine Gunner
  • 1 Squad Leader

When mixed with random players you may have to fill the gaps at the front yourself. Also the squad leader position will probably be non existent so I recommend you find good players who will listen and take command yourself!

A Strong Attack Strategy[edit | edit source]

Attacking the enemy in Foxhole is much slower paced than other games. It is a game of inches...

  • Step 1 - Push the enemy off their defenses with suppression, gas, explosives, or vehicles
  • Step 2 - Use explosives to destroy enemy defenses
  • Step 3 - Advance slowly on the enemy
  • Step 4 - Have builders with Basic Materials/Refined Materials slowly build up your own defenses as you move forward, this gives you a fallback line to defend from when the enemy counter-pushes

Pay attention to what the enemies are supplied with! Apply your own strengths to areas where they are weak. For example, if you notice they do not have R.P.G.s then a vehicle slow push may be the most efficient.

Sabotaging The Enemy[edit | edit source]

A small group of players, maybe 2-3, should dedicate a little time to infiltrating the enemy side of the map and causing as much chaos as possible. Some good ways to do this:

  • Destroy Transport Trucks along unsecured parts of roadway, bonus points if you loot important drops from them like weapons, ammunition, and especially Sulfur and run them back to a friendly Forward or Static Base
  • Locate and mark enemy Forward Bases to let your attacking team members know where the enemy is spawning at
  • Scout enemy movement and voice communications
  • Make breaches in wall sections that are poorly defended
  • Identify flanking routes

A Strong Defense Strategy[edit | edit source]

Defending in Foxhole is a game of identifying where the enemy is striking and turning to face the threat. When defending it is important to remember the following...

  • Step 1 - Defend at your teams automated defenses, running out towards the enemy will waste crucial S. Supplies.
  • Step 2 - Build more defenses behind the current line, you will always need more defenses to fall back to.
  • Step 3 - Build defenses that counter the enemies push. Are they pushing with vehicles? Then Gun Turrets will help slow it immensely. Infantry?Foxholes/Gun Nests work the best.
  • Step 4 - Be prepared, have the weapons needed to defend against a variety or problems. Vehicle pushes are countered with R.P.G.s/etc, infantry pushes with Heavy MGs/etc.
  • Step 5 - Scout the line, perhaps the most important job (that only one or two players should take on) is to walk the line back and forth and identify potential breaches and flanks. A smart enemy team commander will be trying to find these and get his guys past our defenses without a stand up fight.

Finding Saboteurs[edit | edit source]

If the defense lines are poor, especially at the beginning of a game, the enemy WILL try and get a few guys onto our side of the map. They will usually be carrying High Explosive Grenades and basic weapons. The main job of these groups is to...

  • Make breaches in wall sections
  • Scout our automated defenses for vulnerabilities
  • Destroy our Transport Trucks as they carry supplies along our roads

It is important that a squad be formed IMMEDIATELY to kill these other squads. Lest they make a Forward Base deep in our territory and continue to harass for the entirely of the game. Disrupting supply lines is incredibly effectively at winning wars and getting an early advantage.