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Community Guides/Getting Started

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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.26) of the game. It was last updated for 0.23.

Welcome to Foxhole! If you're new to the game, there are many community made tutorials available to you! For more help, feel free to stop by the Foxhole Official Discord or the Steam Discussions and Guides! If you are unsure of any terminology that players say, please refer to the Slang page.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Mouse Controls[edit | edit source]

Mouse Button Action
LMB Interact / Fire
Hold MMB Rotate Camera
Hold RMB Aim
Alt+LMB on player Radial context menu
Ctrl+LMB on map square Paste map coordinates in chat
Alt+LMB on inventory item Drops item on the ground

Keyboard Controls[edit | edit source]

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  • Ctrl+1/2/3 - switch to particular vehicle seat
  • Ctrl+↑/↓ in chat - scroll through previously sent messages
  • High resolution screenshot is placed in %localappdata%\Foxhole\Saved\Screenshots\WindowsNoEditor folder (paste to Explorer address bar). Note that current graphics preset is used.

Joining the War[edit | edit source]

Main Menu[edit | edit source]

Play Options

After starting the game and clicking Play, you have the option to Join the War or Browse Events. The latter is only used for special events, clan training, and community wars. Clicking the former option will bring up the faction selection screen, allowing you to choose which faction to fight for: Colonials or Wardens.

The two factions are the same, gameplay wise. They do have visual differences between their vehicles. Be warned though! You will be locked to that faction after playing for 6 minutes as them. When playing with friends, it is best to decide beforehand which faction to join as, to avoid being locked into different factions for the remainder of the war.
(Note: in case of accidents it is possible for a moderator to change your faction on the Foxhole Discord.)

There is no requirement to declare allegiance to a faction in any way, however some players decide to do so. This creates a more competitive battlefield and further fuels the various Lore theories.

Faction Selection Screen

Home Region[edit | edit source]

Main article: Home Region

After selecting a faction to play as, you will spawn in the Home Region. This is NOT the actual war! To get into some action, locate the World Travel Tent that’s right next to where you spawned. Press default key E to interact with the tent. A map screen will appear with many different regions. The region names that are not grayed out are the active ones. Click a region’s name to teleport to that war.

Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Main articles: World Conquest, Skirmish

Foxhole currently features two game modes: Skirmish and World Conquest. World Conquest is the main war that battle out across the 9 mainland regions, with Skirmish maps being included sometimes (depending on player population). After a World Conquest ends, the Skirmish maps open up. These are intended to provide a break in between World Conquests.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Edited picture showing all the spawn options

After dying, you will see a screen with respawn options:

  • Spawn at Home Base
  • Spawn at (the Set Spawn Point)
  • Spawn in the Wild

Spawning at Home Base[edit | edit source]

Also known as the HQ, the Home Base is indicated on the map by a star icon MapIcon Home Base.png. Spawn Supplies (colloquially referred to as Shirts) are not required to be stockpiled in the Home Base in order to spawn there. This spawning option will always be available to players, except in certain conditions in World Conquest.

In World Conquest, the Port Base is the permanent Home Base for each faction's starting region. In contested regions and the opposing faction's starting region, the first Garrison Camp built becomes your faction's Home Base for that region. In the event that the Home Base gets destroyed, another friendly town will become the new Home Base.
Be careful! If you are in a region that doesn't yet have a friendly Home Base, you will be kicked back to your faction's Home Region if you die! (Then you'll have to wait in queue again to join World Conquest if a lot of players are online.)

In Skirmish mode, the Port Base is the permanent Home Base and cannot be changed.

Spawning at (the Set Spawn Point)[edit | edit source]

If you set your spawn at any of the forward (Encampment, Field Base, Outpost) or static bases (Garrison Camp, Garrison Base, Town Hall), then you will be able to see your set spawn point (refer to picture) with the amount of Shirts remaining in it. This spawning option requires Shirts to be stockpiled to the set spawn point. Spawning in this method subtracts 1 Shirt from the spawn point's stockpile. If you didn't set a spawn point you will have to respawn instead from the regional Home Base.

Spawning In The Wild[edit | edit source]

This spawning option appears for the first spawn in the first minute of Skirmish games. Selecting this will spawn you in a random location on the map, somewhere relatively close to your Home Base. It also appears if you die too frequently, which causes the spawn timer to increase. The threshold is around 60 seconds; anything longer and this option appears.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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There are several main resources you will gather during the war.

Gathering Materials[edit | edit source]

Gathering resources is a simple as equipping a Hammer or Sledge Hammer, positioning yourself near the resource pile, and clicking the scrap pile until it is depleted.

  • Scrap is mined at the MapIconScrap.png icon and looks like a pile of assorted metal pieces
  • Components are mined at the MapIconComponents.png icon and look like broken down tanks
  • Sulfur is mined at the MapIconSulfur.png icon and looks like a yellow rock
  • Fuel is mined at the MapIconFuel.png icon and look like barrels of oil.

A successful mining strike will produce a banging sound and sparks/smoke. A message will appear on screen telling players that they are Gathering: (Resource).

Tip! A Sledge Hammer will mine materials faster, but still yield the same amount in total if you had mined it with a Hammer instead. However, different equipment has an effect on Tech Part collection.

Refining Materials[edit | edit source]

Once obtained, Scrap, Components, and Sulfur can all be taken to a Refinery where they can be refined into Basic Materials, Refined Materials, and Explosive Materials respectively.

Fuel does not need to be refined; once mined, it is available for use in vehicles. It, however can be refined into Refined Fuel which is more efficient and required for some vehicles.

Usage[edit | edit source]

These materials play a vital role to securing victory in the war. Basic Materials are used in nearly every aspect of the game: building defenses and vehicles, making weapons and tools, among other things.

Refined Materials are used to produce equipment and buildings that are a pay grade above the things that Basic Materials are used for. Half-tracks are built using Basic Materials, while Tanks are built using Refined Materials.

Explosive Materials are only used at the Factory with a Heavy Arms Facility to produce explosives such as Grenades, Satchel Charges, or R.P.G. shells

Technology Parts[edit | edit source]

For every strike you make while mining, there is a low chance of receiving a Technology Part. These parts are used in the unlocking of weapons, equipment, and vehicles, and upgrading Facilities. The faction that unlocks an item first will usually gain an advantage over the other faction, depending on the item unlocked.

To advance the technology tree, bring your Tech Parts to a Refinery with the necessary facility and refine them into either Research Parts or Upgrade Parts. Research parts are used in the Technology Center in the Port Bases. Ensure that your team is coordinating these upgrades as they are essential for gaining a technological advantage over the other team. Upgrade parts are used at various buildings to upgrade their Facilities.

Building[edit | edit source]

Creating buildings requires a Hammer and enough of the type of material the building requires. All buildings use either Basic Materials or Refined Materials.

To build equip the hammer and press B to select the building you want. You should now have a blue copy of the building to move around and place. You can rotate the blue building with the RMB + drag(right mouse button). Finalize your placement with the LMB (left mouse button).

Refer to the Building Guide for a more in-depth description of the building process.

Fighting[edit | edit source]

Kill enemies. Don't die. Support allies.

You can save critically wounded soldier by slowing down bleeding in order to wait for a medic to arrive. You must be unarmed (with your bare hands only) and stand in front of the soldier, then press the left mouse button. That way you can slow down the process until a player with Trauma Kit arrives.