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Community Guides/Respawning

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The Deployment Screen accessed from the World Travel Tent
The spawn options after dying

Respawning is the process of Players joining the game initially or after dying. In Foxhole, respawning is made strategic through the Deployment System and through Soldier Supplies.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Players can join World Conquest or the Resistance Phase from their Home Region by interacting with the World Travel Tent. Upon interacting, they are shown the Deployment Screen, and are asked to select a "Deployment Point." After selecting one, they will spawn at the corresponding home base. The Deployment Point must have Soldier Supplies, and will consume one upon the player's deployment. Valid Deployment Points are defined by the Deployment System.[1]

Players can set their Home Base (Static Bases, Relic Bases, Frontier Bases, Deployed Landing Ships) or their Forward Base (Forward Bases, Keeps ) by interacting wiith them and selecting the "Assign Spawn Point" action. Each player can set one Home Base and one Forward Base.

After dying, the player can spectate either other allies 50 meters close to their death, or their spawn point.[2] After waiting a period of time, they are given three respawn options: to spawn at their Home Base , their Forward Base , or to return to their Home Region. Each base must still be constructed and have Soldier Supplies stockpiled in order for them to respawn. This consumes one soldier supply.

Deployment System[edit | edit source]

The Deployment System determines where a player can spawn upon entering the war. Each Frontier Base or Landing Ship has a "Garrison Size." Garrison Size increases depending on the number of players stationed at the base ("Garrison Activity") and the existence of Small and Large Garrison Facilities. If a base has a positive Garrison Size, it can be a valid Deployment Point, and players can spawn there from the Deployment Screen.[1]

Other spawn mechanics[edit | edit source]

Safe Houses[edit | edit source]

Safe Houses can also be set as a respawn point. Like other spawn locations, they have a Stockpile and use Soldier Supplies when respawning. When a Static Base is destroyed, all players that are assigned to it will have their spawn points migrated to the connected Safe House with the most Soldier Supplies stockpiled.[2]

Starting Gear[edit | edit source]

Upon respawning, each player will start out with a Pistol, two 9mm magazines, and a Hammer. The pistol will be unloaded.

References[edit | edit source]