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Encumbrance: 0 - 100%

Every item in the game has a weight. When the player puts items in their backpack or equips them their encumbrance increases. Newly respawned soldiers are 16% encumbered.

Encumbrance directly affects the player's rate of decrease in Stamina when walking or running, as well as their movement speed.

Encumbrance levels[edit | edit source]

Encumbrance is displayed in game as a percentage of a set maximum encumbrance. The number can be seen in the inventory UI screen.

HUD Icon Encumbrance Effects
None 0% - 49% The player can move and sprint at regular speed.
White backpack.png 50% - 99% The player will move slower and spend more stamina when sprinting.
Encumbered Red.png 100% and more The player will move very slowly, spend a lot of stamina when sprinting, and even spend stamina when walking.

As encumbrance rises over 100%, the player will use more and more stamina for running, and even walking. The UI will still show 100% encumbrance.