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Encumbrance: 0 - 100%

Every item in the game has a weight. When the player puts items in their backpack or equips them their encumbrance increases. Newly respawned soldiers are 16% encumbered.

Encumbrance directly affects the player's rate of decrease in Stamina when walking or running, as well as their movement speed.

Encumbrance levels[edit | edit source]

Encumbrance is displayed in game as a percentage of a set maximum encumbrance. The number can be seen in the inventory UI screen.

HUD Icon Encumbrance Effects
None 0% - 49% The player can move and sprint at regular speed.
White backpack.png 50% - 99% The player will move slower and spend more stamina when sprinting.
Encumbered Red.png 100% and more The player will move very slowly, spend a lot of stamina when sprinting, and even spend stamina when walking.

As encumbrance rises over 100%, the player will use more and more stamina for running, and even walking. The UI will still show 100% encumbrance.

Vehicle Encumbrance[edit | edit source]

As of Update 0.26 vehicles are subject to some level of encumbrance system as well. This was implemented in order to increase speed for empty logistics vehicles doing return trips.

More information to be added on this later.