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Currently there are two main factions: the Colonials and the Wardens.

The gameplay of the two factions is mostly identical. Both factions use the same weapons and can build the same buildings. Players of one faction can also use any equipment produced by the other faction.

Vehicles operate identically for both factions. However, most vehicles have two different visual variants, one for each faction. Players can use vehicles of any faction, but when building them they will always build the variant of their own faction.

Colonials[edit | edit source]

Colonial logo

The Colonials are described as a faction of ingenuity and practicality. They are sometimes referred to as "The Colonial Legion".

They start World Conquest with total control over Umbral Wildwood, Heartlands, and Westgate.

Wardens[edit | edit source]

Warden logo

The Wardens are described to be a nation of honor and tradition. They are the native inhabitants of the current game world. Once believed to be a massive empire, they have since declined and presently are at war with the Colonials.

They start World Conquest with total control over Weathered Expanse, Callahan's Passage, and Mooring County.

Current Warden uniform appears to be based on the French Horizon Blue.