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Foxhole has two player-selectable factions: the Colonials and the Wardens.

The gameplay of the two factions is mostly identical. Both factions use the same weapons and can build the same buildings. Players of one faction can also use any equipment produced by the other faction.

Vehicles operate identically for both factions, even though most vehicles are visually different between the two. Players can use vehicles of any faction, but when building them they will always build the variant of their own faction.

Colonials[edit | edit source]

Colonial logo

The Colonials are described as a faction of ingenuity and practicality. They are sometimes referred to as "The Colonial Legion".

During a typical World Conquest the Colonials control the southernmost regions of the world map. Some map configurations deviate from this standard.

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Colonials originate (possibly partly) from Mesea, which is located outside of the playable map in the south. Mesea presumably later subjugated or integrated Veli, together with its capital Damokratos. Some of the citizens are from an industrialised western city-state called Dimiourg. This can mean that the Mesea is possibly a confederacy, or Dimiourg is an ally of Mesea.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Colonials appear to originate from various nations, but their proper-nouns are recognisable as what we would describe as Latin and/or Hellenic.

The name Colonial implies that they are in fact colonizers; this is also self-referenced by a Colonial in the writings of Inner Haven (as opposed to being an insult used by the Wardens).

They are informally referred to as Collies by some Wardens within lore.

Military[edit | edit source]

Their former military leaders were Silas and Thea Maro (great-granddaughter). The former is a Legatus (equal to general) who is credited to be the first to walk on the ruins of the Bulwark following the Breaching. The latter has been raised to be a great commander, with some people claiming she is a visionary while others have their doubts.

The current Colonial uniform consists of a dark green helmet, (similar to that of the American M1 Helmet), a tan long sleeve military jacket complete with a dark green shoulder pauldron, military pouches along the belt, dark grey cargo/military trousers & light brown boots. The design of the uniform has similarities with that of the second world war British Paratroopers, or the American army in WW2.

Wardens[edit | edit source]

Warden logo

The Wardens are described to be a nation of honor and tradition. They are the native inhabitants of the region where the game takes place. Once believed to be a massive empire, they have since declined and presently are at war with the Colonials.

During a typical World Conquest the Wardens control the northernmost regions of the world map. Some map configurations deviate from this standard.

Culture[edit | edit source]

The Warden proper-nouns are recognisable as what we would describe as Gaelic and/or Anglo-Germanic. Based on the old world map, we know that their home region is known as Caoiva (pronounced "See-va"). The people in the region are called Caoivish ("See-vish").

They were once a trading nation.

Before the war, their capital was Sun's Haven (now Abandoned Ward). However, after it was ravaged, their new capital is Whedon's Row, which is outside of the playable map.

History[edit | edit source]

Based on the old map descriptions and the information regarding the Landing APC and Warden Light Tank, the regions above the Bulwark appear to (formerly) be part of the Warden Empire.

Their great leader of the past was Callahan, who was a general from before the Great Wars. His name can be found in various locations and is often referred to within lore.

Inner Haven Volumes also mentions that the Wardens were wealthy enough to afford luxury products.

Military[edit | edit source]

The current Warden uniform appears to be based on the French Horizon Blue.