Fisherman's Row

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Fisherman's Row
Map Fishermans Row Hex.png
This quaint island lies just off the mainland to the west of Farranac Coast. Fisherman's Row, once home to a culture of proud sailors and fishermen, was taken by the Legion during the Great Wars. The Colonials initially believed they could use the island as an offshore operation to gain intel on Warden territory. Fisherman's Row is a small island region, rich with a seafaring tradition that has been mostly preserved despite being occupied for hundreds of years.
In-game description

Fisherman's Row is a map in Foxhole.

History[edit | edit source]

The map was first added in Update 0.0.33.

The map became unavailable to play on when Tempest Island was added in Update 0.8.

With the release of Update 0.10, Fisherman's Row became available to play on as one of several Skirmish Maps used for One World.

Update 0.17 brought about a major expansion of the map. A larger mainland was added to the west of the original island.

In Update 0.20, the new structure Safehouses have been implemented to this map.

With Update 0.29 Border Forts has been removed and been repurposed as Zone Bases.

Map[edit | edit source]

Fisherman's Row MapScreenshot.png

Named Locations in Fisherman's Row[1][edit | edit source]

  • A Lost Sot
  • Arcadia
  • Bident Crossroads
  • Black Well
  • Cat Step
  • Dankana Post
  • The Dire Strings
  • Eidolo
  • Fort Ember
  • Hangmen's Court
  • Heart of Rites
  • House Roloi
  • Lake Nerites
  • Liberty Hill
  • Oceanwatch
  • Partisan Island
  • Peripti Landing
  • Progonos Watch
  • The Rite Road
  • The Satyr Stones
  • The Three Sisters
  • Torch of Demeter
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