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Devblog 48 - Adam - 2018/08/21 19:51

Greetings! Adam here bringing you the juiciest behind the scenes look of the development of Foxhole. We are altering our development blog format to highlight some of the work we do that you may never...

War #13 Lifecycle - Mark - 2018/08/20 21:19

Starting tomorrow, we will be reducing the number of required victory towns by 1 per day for War#11 to reduce the amount of time it will take for the Conquest to reach a conclusion. The required # of...

Community Highlights 49 - KrazyFlyinChicken - 2018/08/08 13:58

Hello Soldiers!It's a pretty short Community Highlight this week, but where it lacks quantity it makes up for in substance. A lot of really great written stuff made it in this week from the War #11 Wa...

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