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Soldiers' Health[edit | edit source]

Foxhole uses a diegetic feedback system: there is no visible health bar, instead the game shows the player's health visually. When a player is hit, blood will appear on their character model. Depending on their health level, blood will range from minor to severe amounts. If a soldier does not seek medical attention after being injured (when blood is visible) they will slowly lose health. In the most severe condition blood will spew off a soldier. This means that the player is bleeding and will soon collapse. They will need medical attention to restore their overall health to 100%.

Injuries and How to Treat Them[edit | edit source]

Full Health[edit | edit source]

This is what a player looks like at 100% health.

Full Health.jpg

Wounded[edit | edit source]

This is what a player looks like when they get hit. They are not bleeding. Another player with a First Aid Kit can heal them up.


Bleeding[edit | edit source]

This is what a player looks like when they are hit and bleeding. They should have another player heal them up with a First Aid Kit, or if nobody is around, should apply a Bandage to themselves to stop the bleeding. If they bleed for too long, they will be downed. Only another player with a Trauma Kit can revive them.


Death Timer[edit | edit source]

After sustaining a critical amount of injuries a soldier will collapse and a timer will begin. This is the death timer. If they are not revived with a Trauma Kit by the end of the timer, they will die. It is possible for other players to slow down the death timer of another player.

A downed player is killed if they get hit while collapsed.

Death Timer.png