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Map Heartlands.png
This mostly unscarred region is comprised of very rich and fertile farmlands. Originally cultivated by Warden farmers, the Upper Heartlands was once a boon of great opportunity and wealth, even after the Great Wars. Now, because of its strategic importance and abundance of natural resources, the Heartlands has become a constant source of tension and conflict.
In-game description

Heartlands is a map that was added in Update 0.0.17. It is mostly flat on open terrain, making it ideal for mechanized assaults over wide open ground.

In Update 0.12, all production buildings (barring the Medical Lab and Refinery) were removed from the map as a World Conquest balancing measure.

In Update 0.13, it was expanded to include the lower Heartlands and thus the name was renamed from Upper Heartlands to Heartlands. The update reintroduced Crafting buildings and gave the Colonials a Home Base as part of the North-South World conquest Orientation changes.
In Update 0.20, the already on other maps existing Observation Towers and the new structure Safehouses have been implemented to this map.

Map[edit | edit source]

Heartlands 0.20.jpg
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