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Home Region
Map Home Regions.png

The Home Region acts as a central hub for all players on one faction. It contains a basic training course, Firing Range, driving course, the War Tent, Travel Tent, Shipping Facility, and the Monument.

It is periodically reset to its default state every couple of hours or so, giving a 10 minute warning when doing so.

The Island[edit | edit source]

Training Course[edit | edit source]

The basic training course allows new players to learn the very basics of the game, such as the controls, mining/scrapping, and firearm coverage. It does not provide any vehicle interaction nor training, but there is a driving range that allows them to play with Transport Trucks and Patrol Motorcycles. At the end of the training course, there are 2 Scrap nodes, 1 Components node, a Refinery, Workshop, and Weapon Factory to allow players to get a feel for ordering items and the integral role that logistics plays in the war.

Firing Range[edit | edit source]

Driving Course[edit | edit source]

The area near the race track driving course contains pre-built Trucks and Motorcycles. The course itself provides a means by which new players can get a feel for the driving and handling mechanics of vehicles in the game.

World Travel Tent[edit | edit source]

The Travel Tent

This tent allows players to select a region to travel to, enabling them to join a Skirmish or the World Conquest.

War Tent[edit | edit source]

The War Tent

This tent provides real-time data on the state of the World Conquest war. Here a player will be able to see, in each region, the number of standard and victory condition Static Bases, the number of Forts, as well as how many each faction controls at the time of interaction.

Note: it is much faster and easier to just check on the state of the war by pressing the map key (default M) and then the World Conquest map key (default N).

Monument[edit | edit source]

After a World Conquest ends, a Monument is placed in front of the main spawning area for each faction. This stone work of art serves as a trophy to show how well a faction played in the previous war. The better the faction performed, the more grandeur the Monument will be.

The 4 different Monuments:

After the war ends, a player's ranking against other players from the same faction is calculated based on the number of commends they received in Skirmishes and World Conquest during the previous war. They can check their ranking by interacting with the Monument (default E).

Shipping Facility[edit | edit source]

The Shipping Facility

This stack of shipping containers allows players to view the total accumulated supply that their faction has earned from Skirmishes.

Map[edit | edit source]

Map Home Region -w Icons.png