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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.26) of the game. It was last updated for 0.10.

Before we begin, an important quote from Matt, The Foxhole Dev in charge of Lore: Matt3.png

Full credits to Africandave's Steam guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1100198378


This guide aims to document the canonical lore of the Foxhole with as little conjecture as possible. Any information that has been identified as non-canon will not be included with the exception that it can be used to illustrate a point or idea that has been identified as canon. I hope to keep this updated as we discover more, there will surely be errors with such gaps of information, and I accept any suggestions or criticism of the material written here.

Firstly, any information or item found in the map "Deadlands" prior to the release of the map "The Upper Heartlands" is to be disregarded.

Matt about outdated lore.png

No longer valid, the original world map (below) is not representative and is most certainly inaccurate. The current map found in the Conquest and Campaign modes as well as each map individually is canon. However this early map can be used as a vague reference to the certain events, references found by players and the world as a whole.

Outdated Map.png

World and Theme

  • Does the game take place in WW1 or WW2?

Neither. While the game is inspired by early 20th century weapons and tactics, the game actually takes place in an alternate timeline futures. We'll have more to say about the setting in the future. ​ To be clear, our goal is not to make a WW1/WW2 simulator, but rather to make the player feel like they are fighting a war where the combat and strategies are grounded in the world wars. ​

  • Who are the Wardens and Colonials? Do they represent the Allies or Axis from WW2?

The Wardens and Colonials are fictional factions from the alternate timeline universe that Foxhole takes place in. They are not representative of any nation/group from real history and neither faction serves as the "good guys" or "bad guys" in the world.


Universe Timeline

We have a very limited understanding of the historical timeline or even the scale of time within the Foxhole universe. So far, we can piece together a simplified understanding of the order of major events and periods. Forgive my art skills, hopefully the following explanation can give meaning to this image.


  • Blue: The earliest period referenced in game known only as "Less sophisticated times" (at least from the Wardens perspective). This is mentioned in the map description of "Weathered Expanse" as a time when the great north-east bulwark (a great wall) and it's three gates defended the passage it's halls from northern invaders. The technological levels of the Warden Empire during this time are unknown.
  • Cyan: Both of these cyan time-blocks represent an unknown period of time. During the first period there are references to the Wardens thriving empire of trade on a seemingly grandiose scale (e.g. Endless Shore map description) while the second cyan block is known only as a period of post-war destruction where much of the world's history and technology is lost.
  • Green: The build up to the Great Wars. So far, the only preface to the conflicts we have discovered have been described by the Colonial author of Inner Haven as "a cowardly attack" by the Wardens (Inner Haven vol.1), "aggressive Colonial expansion northwards" by a Warden Soldier (Warden Scout - character note), and trade expansion by the Wardens (Christos and Juno Letter). During this time the Bulwark in the south was constructed as noted in lore articles in the Westgate map (Letter to Alderman). Later the nation of Veli forms an alliance with Mesea for protection from Caoivan trade expansion (Deserters Journal Farannac Coast). Colonials aim to sow discord among highlanders south of the wall in Westgate (Letter to Consul).
  • Orange: The Great Wars or possibly "The Great War". A collection of an unknown number of wars over a vast period of time that led to the destruction of the Warden empire. With the exception of the Boreal Wars no other conflicts have been named.
  • Red: A possibility of two separate or combined events 1) A naval/amphibious push into the western shore of Caoiva and a potential initial occupation of Fisherman's Row. 2) An event known as "The Breaching" where the Colonial legion broke through the southern Bulwark. Although the exact position of these events on the timeline is unknown it is presumably located in the early to mid-stage of the great wars before the "Colonial Legions" forces advance further north into warden territory. Legate Silas Maro appears to be leading the Colonial Military on this front during this time.
  • Brown: The Wardens lose the Deadlands and are pushed back to Callahan's passage by the Colonial Legion led by Thea Maro. After the Wardens are ousted from their homeland's capital (as per Deadlands map description) they make a stand in Callahan's Passage (as per Callahan's Passage map description). Further referenced in Inner Haven vol. 1 as the loss of "Sun's Haven" which was later known as the now "Abandoned" Ward.
  • Purple: The Boreal Wars or "Northern Wars" (Boreal=North). As mentioned in the Colonial's Hatchet "h5" Tank description the Boreal Wars were stated to have occurred late during the Great Wars. This conflict was centered in the Warden's snowy and mountainous terrain in the north possible near Whedon's Row. It is not clear if this was the final conflict in the Great Wars.
  • Yellow: Present day/recent history. Following the post-war destruction this is the current period the game is set in. Much of the technology of both nations has been lost or abandoned after the devestation. We don't know how long the current conflict has lasted or how much longer the fighting will continue. It could even be considered to be a continuation of the great wars.

The Wardens and The Colonials

Main article: Factions


We know that the Wardens are the native inhabitants of most if not all of the current playable world map (the 9 game map tiles). Many proper-nouns that the Wardens use are what we would consider gaelic and anglo-germanic, some are from folklore stories, this gives us some insight into Warden culture. From the world map we see that their home region is Caoiva (Caoiva is pronounced "See-va", in plural people from Caoivia are called Caoivish "See-vish") and they operate out of Whedon's Row. It is clear that Deadlands was the heart of the Warden empire (as per Deadlands map desc) with the now "Abandoned Ward" and "The Plaza" being the most urbanised area in the map. Its river links to the vital estuary of Endless Shore which served as the Empire's busy port and point of trade (Endless Shore map desc). Upper Heartlands was originally cultivated by Warden farmers (Upper Heartlands map desc) and Callahan's Passage takes its name from a Warden leader (more on him later) in addition to falling back to this held territory during the Great War (Callahan's Passage map desc). Finally Weathered Expanse is stated to have been firmly held by Wardens "for centuries" (Weathered Expanse map desc). We also know that the Colonials needed amphibious craft to take Fisherman's Row and the Farranac Coastline (Landing APC desc) implying they owned these regions too. Mooring County, a place located north of the River Mercy, is credited as being the place the Devitt mk.III Warden light tank was developed after the event known as The Breaching (as per Devitt Tank desc).

The only map that doesn't explicitly state Warden ownership in a source is Umbral Wildwood, however it is located north of the Wardens great southern bulwark. Umbral Wildwood does however give us some clues about Warden Culture. Players can find a copy of a book called Inner Haven (author unknown) written from a Colonial's perspective. In volumes 8 and 12 the Wardens are described as having been well-led under Callahan and wealthy enough to buy luxury goods like paintings and sculptures. Along with the Endless Shore description we know they were a trading nation that interacted with other cultures.


From the world lore we see that their home nation may have been Mesea and they base themselves in Stema Landing. Later it seems that the nation of Veli was integrated into their borders. Many of the proper-nouns Colonials use are what we would consider latin and hellenic, along with titles like Consul and Legate, this gives us some insight into Colonial culture. They are sometimes referred to as the "Colonial Legion" (Vol. 12 of Inner Haven) and that some of its citizens reside in an industrialised western city-state called Dimiourg (Hatchet Tank desc). A place called Therízo and it's farm complexes are associated as being from the south but it is unclear if this is colonial territory. The name Colonial implies that they are a culture of colonizers especially since this is self-referenced by a Colonial in the writings of Inner Haven (as opposed to being a insult/colloquial term used by the Wardens). We also know they heavily relied on the use of Landing APCs to take Fisherman's Coast and the beaches of the Farranac Coast (Landing APC desc) perhaps pioneering this technology. They are informally refered to as "Collies" (plural) by some Wardens (See character "M") or "Colly" (singular) (See Characters Cara and Saoirse).


Little is known about the individuals that shaped the world foxhole is set in, perhaps because so much of the information and technology of the past has been destroyed or lost to time.

We can discover small snippets of information in the game world, maps and item/artwork description. On the region maps we can see possessive qualities of place names that indicate it was named after someone. I've listed some below but can exclude "Sun" here for now - although Sun's Hollow hints at ownership there is a "Path to the Sun" that it is most likely related to. Other interesting place names have no evidence at being named after anyone.


Easily the most prominent character in the Foxhole, he lends his name to many places and even entire regions (Callahan's Boot/Belt, Callahan's Passage). He is mentioned (sarcastically) in Vol.8 of Inner Haven as the Warden's "great" leader and two mounted statues in his likeness can be found flanking the Abandon Ward's southern bridge. The plaques describe how Callahan led the Wardens to economic prosperity, and suggests diplomatic and militaristic prowess. Callahan is depicted on a horse wearing a general’s uniform with a full beard and wears a sword on his belt (which possible gives its name to "The Blade" and "Pommel Annex" to the west of "Callahan's Belt").


Thea Maro

A descendent of Silas Maro (great-granddaughter), Thea is raised to be an expert soldier and tactician, who later leads with swift and decisive leadership to take the capital of the Warden's empire. It is refererenced again as Sun's Haven, what we know now as the Abandoned Ward in Deadlands. While Christos expresses doubts some colonials may have about her advisors and intentions as a leader (Letter to Junos) the publication Inner haven describes her as a visionary who may have surpassed Silas Maro's legacy. She is later awarded a seat on the high council representing Veli, but declines to remain in military service (Inner Haven Vol 2).


An enterprising individual who collects books and trades wartime commodities out of an old fort. In addition to barrels of old wine they brought a sample of southern tobacco (from a farming complex in a location called Therízo) to trade with Wardens for honey jerky from Fisherman's Row. From the perspective of the note and the familiarity of the good it seems likely that the smuggler is a colonial. The "Tin case" (although titled "In Case") filled with tobacco can be picked up and stored in the player’s backpack. The "freshness" of the tobacco suggests the trader may still be alive and active, there is a large red stain on the ground, but it is unclear whether this is blood or red wine (Abandoned Fort - Upper Heartlands).


Silas Maro

A Legatus of the Colonial Legion (equivalent to a General although possible a diplomatic legatus) is credited as being to first to walk on the ruins of the Bulwark following the Breaching (Inner Haven vol.1). His great-granddaughter is Thea Maro.


Closer-up Vol1.png


A Warden stowaway, she killed two colonial guards with their own knife to make her escape to Westgate, planning to steal a truck and escape north via the Heartlands she plans on returning to Fisherman's Row with reinforcements to save the other captives. Left a note for colonials next to a burnt out logistics truck under the alias "M".

Morgan Journal Entry.jpg

Warden Recruitment Poster.png

Colonial Author

The author of the volumes of Inner Haven, with presumably at least 12 volumes having been written, only three have been recovered so far (Inner Haven - References)

Young, Talented Engineer

A Colonial who developed the H-Class Hatchet "H5" Light Tank during the Boreal Wars (H5 desc). They came from an "industrialised western city-state" called Dimiourg.


Scattered throughout the regions are little pieces of notes and information that gives clues about the Foxhole world, as well as easter eggs and locations within the game itself. New notes are released occasionally. This section is maintained by Sethfire - if you find any new information in-game please add them here or post it at #lore-discussion on the Foxhole discord.


Once the heart of the Warden empire, the Deadlands now serves as a stark reminder of the Great Wars. Built atop the bones of this once great capital are several small towns and villages. Bisecting the north and south of the region is a great river that flows out towards The Endless Shore.[1]

  • Sunhaven Gateway Statues[2]
    • Statue Plaque - The plaque is surprisingly intact. Most of the text is still legible "Callahan gifted our lands with riches, prosperity, and ensured bountiful harvest. It was his left hand that earned friendship, alliances and offered protection."
    • Broken Statue Plaque - The plaque is charred and worn, but you can make out some of the text "...fear with his right hand, the commanding of his armies and the raising of his shield..." The rest of the plaque has been eroded.
  • Letter found on a Warden skeleton[3] - A letter that is hardly intact. It's remarkably legible, but if you were to lift the paper, it would surely fall apart. You swipe the snow off the envelope, slide the letter out delicately, kneel down and carefully read it. "They attacked! The southerners actually attacked! We'd heard rumors that they might try to move in on our land. These Colonials had been aggressively expanding north. We'd hoped the Bulwark would keep our lands separate but now they've broken through. My unit was ordered to leave our post on the wall and retreat to Sun's Haven to hold position. I pray this letter makes it to you. I want you to take just the horses and get yourself to Whedon's Row. It's been secured for the time being. You'll know when it's time to move again."

Callahan's Passage

When the Wardens lost the Deadlands, they fell back to Callahan's Passage. Using its narrow passages and mountainous geography they would try and bottleneck their foes. Harsh, and unforgiving, the natural obstacles of the passage are just as much of a threat to a soldier's life as their enemies in ambush.[1]

  • Under Lochan Lake[4] - You can see borrowed into the ice, a series of bodies entombed and mummified. The trail is deep and you see the corpses disappear into the darkness below.

Upper Heartlands

This mostly unscarred region is comprised of very rich and fertile farmlands. Originally cultivated by Warden farmers, the Upper Heartlands was once a boon of great opportunity and wealth, even after the Great Wars. Now, because of its strategic importance and abundance of natural resources, the Heartlands has become a constant source of tension and conflict.[1]

  • Message scratched into a bike[5] - There's a Colonial logo painted on the side. Much definition is lost. There's a ragged 'X' scratched through the logo. Underneath it the words "Fucking Southern Mechanics" are hastily scraped into the charred metal."
  • Abandoned Fort[6]
    • Tin Case - A tin case filled with relatively fresh tobacco and a hand-crafted pipe. There's a note inside. "Here's a sample of Tobacco from the south. Smuggled it out of the farm complexes in Thereizo. You Wardens have never smoked anything like it, I promise you that. If you want more, fill the case with some of that honey jerky from Fisherman's Row, leave it at the fort, and we'll set up a meet."
    • Books - There's a wide assortment of books, many of which were lost in the great wars. It appears as though someone was trying to keep an archive.
    • Casks - Extremely old casks of wine. It appears as though someone smuggled these into the Heartlands.
    • Campfire - This fire pit appears to have been used many many times. The bones of small animals are charred in the base of the pit.
  • Propaganda Poster[7]
    • A poster depicting a group of soldiers in blue, holding shields, standing before mountains looking down on a pile of bloodied corpses in drab. It reads "These are our streets. These are our people. This is our land. We want these savage Collie barbarians out of our country. They come to our doorstep looking for war? Join the front, expunge the Colonial menace today, reap the rewards of tomorrow!"
    • A warning of the back of a recruitment poster, hastily written in angry cursive, "If one of you Collie fuckers sees this, consider it a warning. I'm coming for you, I see you now. Watch your back, dogs. - M"

Endless Shore

The Endless Shore as it was named, for if you peer any direction into the vast sea, you will struggle to spot the other side. Much of the Warden's trading was done through Saltbrook Channel before the Great Wars. The Endless Shore once saw ships of all kinds dropping anchor in its ports. Being a major estuary, this region is under constant strife.[1]

  • Message carved into the tree[8] - "The war isn't going to end. Why keep fighting? And after watching Jackson, well... Now I just want to stare out into the sea. At least I'll always have that." There are two hastily carved crosses underneath.
  • Vandalized plaque[9] - "The plaque seems intentionally vandalized. All you can make out are a couple of letters "u, a, n, w, v, and the word us." The rest has been painted over with a variety of slurs and offensive imagery.

Umbral Wildwood

To the west of the Heartlands lies a vast hinterland that remained largely untouched before the Great Wars. As resources dwindled in the north, the dense frontier of the Umbral Wildwood began to be harvested for lumber. The river that flows through the center of the region provides a perfect way to transport lumber to the north. As such, this abundant source of timber and resources has since fueled the war machine on both fronts, but at what cost?[1]

Weathered Expanse

Deep in the mountains, The Weathering Halls stood for centuries as a bastion of hope during less sophisticated times. Surrounding the Halls were three great gates, blocking passage or defending from northern invaders. The Warden's prized fortress and sturdy walls endured through the Great Wars. That was until the Colonials marched on The Weathered Expanse.[1]

  • Journal - An old journal lies next to some abandoned bedrolls. It appears to contain the account of a deserting soldier's journey north. They appeared to be part of a small group. "...our legion was called the 'Swords of Maro.' What a fuckin' joke that is. If Maro was alive to see what a farce his namesake has become, he'd likely shoot himself anyway."[10]
  • Roadsign - The top sign reads "Frostmarch Village." Strangely, this place no longer exists (This is a reference to the ghost town in the development branch where a town displayed on the map had no buildings in it.)
  • Self Reflection - Something about this place leaves you feeling unsettled (At the site of the Frostmarch crossroads. Likely related to the above note.)
  • Town sign - It's caked in ice and weathered, but you can make out the text "Welcome to Welsford"

Fisherman's Row

  • Abandoned Colonial Bag[11] - A Colonial bag was left behind. The surrounding area shows signs of a minor scuffle and the bag was clearly dropped in a hurry. It's since been ransacked by remaining are six finely carved wooden figures. There's a swordsman, a horseman, a general, a civilian, a pikeman, and an archer.
  • Journal Entry[12] - An entry from a ragged journal left behind, "Morgan escaped and stowed away on a ship headed for Westgate. She said she would steal a truck and make her way north by way of the Heartlands. On and on she went, talking about reinforcements and saving us. I was sure that she would die but I couldn't believe what I'd seen. After she killed two guards with a knife she pulled from a dumb Collie's belt, she took his rifle, and hid in the back of a truck between several boxes. It was like nothing I'd ever seen. That was the last I saw her, but now I hope she returns and gets us off this wretched island."

Inner Haven Volumes

  • Vol 1. of Inner Haven[13] - "While Legate Silas Maro was the first to walk the crumbled remains of the Bulwark following the Warden army's cowardly attack, it was his descendent, Thea Maro who led our Legions through the hostile north. She was groomed from birth to be a expert soldier and tactician. Thea exercised swift and decisive leadership, allowing us to stab at the heart of Wardens. They only needed to lay down their arms to avoid generations of bloodshed. Instead, after Sun's Haven had fallen, their forces quickly retreated to the mountainous north and licked their wounds..."
  • Vol 8. of Inner Haven[14] - "...and they still look to the past, to when Callahan lead their people. If he was so great, and if their wealth so vast... well, let's just say their 'wondrous' Bulwark certainly wasn't up to the task, and now..." The rest of the pages are mouldy and illegible.
  • Vol 12. of Inner Haven[15] - "...the people of the north are so arrogant, they even name their cities after themselves. Just look how much they spend so much on paltry things like statues and paintings. They're blind to the world they live in and so they don't realise the Colonial Legion will storm their walls like thunder. They can try to look down on us, but we'll be the ones standing above them, and all they'll see is the ground."


  • H5 Hatchet[16]
    • Late into the Great Wars, the Colonials were not able to make much forward progress, as their armoured forces struggled with the terrain north of the Deadlands. Having failed in a campaign near Whedon's Row, a young, talented engineer from the industrialized western city-state of Dimiourg developed the H-class light tank.
    • The H5, or "Hatchet" (as it's been lovingly dubbed by the Legion) is a versatile light tank capable of navigating through tight mountainous regions or urban streets. Unlike earlier H-class tanks used prior to the Boreal Wars, the Hatchet's design needed to be streamlined due to dwindling resources. As a result, it can now accommodate a 3 person crew and can reach slightly higher speeds. This makes the Hatchet a perfect tool in a first recon operation or in the advance guard of an assault.
  • Devitt Mark III[17]
    • Based on one of the first mechanized vehicles ever commissioned for war, The Devitt series of light tanks were a refinement and a repurposing built to adapt to changing battle conditions. To the north of River Mercy in Mooring County, a new design went into development shortly after the Breaching. With its enchanced resistance to ballistics and increased maneuverability for its crew, the Devitt allowed the Wardens to keep pace with the Colonials, who at the time were far more efficient.
    • Even with these advantages, the earliest models of the Devitt were masterful examples of care and craftsmanship. These armored vehicles may have been works of art, but they were very time-consuming and expensive to develop. The Mark III was designed to increase efficiency and lower production costs. During this time, the Wardens began recycling their decommissioned vehicles by melting them back down to raw materials. This updated design allowed for easier manufacturing and fitting of recycled parts; this meant more Devitts could be sent out to the field. Whether it's on the front line, protecting a convoy, or leading a border assault, the Devitt is a sturdy and reliable asset.
  • Storm Rifle
    • A selective fire rifle that supports both semi-automatic and fully automatic modes, giving it the close quarters effectiveness of a Submachine Gun and the range of a Carbine. However, this flexibility comes at a cost as the Storm Rifle is expensive, heavy, and suffers from high recoil.
    • Developed at the height of the Great Wars, the Storm Rifle was considered by many the most advanced rifle of the era. While the versatility of the weapon allowed soldiers to adapt to changing battlefield conditions, it was deemed too bulky and difficult to maintain for regular use. As resources dwindled during the later decates of the hundred year conflict, production was halted on the Storm Rifle and they became a rarity in the field.
  • Landing A.P.C
    • The multipurpose Landing A.P.C. is an amphibious warfare vehicle designed to transport infantry across both land and sea. This is an all terrain carrier that can hold up to eight soldiers and has a moderate amount of storage space. Capable of resisting small arms and explosives, this vehicle is effective at ferrying troops into combat zones at the front line.
    • An earlier model of the Landing A.P.C. was instrumental for the Colonials in taking Fisherman's Row and the beach landings of Farranac Coast. This particular vehicle has been iterated on many times throughout the years since the Great Wars, with variations coming from both Warden and Colonial engineers. If there's water to cross, the Landing A.P.C. is invaluable in strategic manuevering or running soldiers and supplies offshore.


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