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You are a nameless soldier fighting in this world. A player can be of either faction: the Colonials or the Wardens.

First time players will spawn at the Static Base of their faction's Home Region. The player can update their spawn point to be at any of the following friendly built spawn locations: Town Halls, and Outposts.

New spawns receive the default loadout of: Hammer, unloaded Pistol and 2 9mm magazines. Players always have a 3 second invincibility timer after spawning at any base.

Equipment slots[edit | edit source]

These are the numbered slots where you can put various Weapons, Tools and other items. If Player picks up an item from ground with E button, it can be placed directly in empty equipment slot.

  1. Primary Equipment: Weapons, Wrench, Hammer, Sledge Hammer, and Trauma Kit;
  2. Secondary Equipment: Pistol, Revolver and Binoculars;
  3. Tertiary Equipment: Satchel Charge, Landmine, First Aid Kit, and consumables (Bandages and all Grenades);
  4. Radio;
  5. Gas Mask;
  6. Radio Backpack. Will be used for Outfits in the future;
  7. Weapon attachments: rifle Grenade Launcher and Bayonet.
  8. Large items: Critically Wounded Soldiers, 300m stormcanon shell

Backpack[edit | edit source]

The Backpack contains all unequipped items that the player is carrying. The more items a player is carrying the slower they walk. If too many heavy items are carried, the player becomes encumbered and moves at a very slow speed. If there's not enough space, then actions like mining Salvage or picking up factory order won't be available until more space is freed up.

Left Click - Transfer Item
Shift + Left Click - Transfer Item Stack
Ctrl + Left Click - Split Item Stack
Alt + Left Click - Drop Item Stack

Once a soldier has fallen on the battlefield, his gear and inventory will be visible on the ground in the form of a Soldier's Backpack. These are different for each Faction. Backpacks are also lootable by other players, who happen to come by this temporary container. The Backpack does not stay there for eternity and when emptied, they despawn immediately.

Keep in mind what you carry is always lootable by the enemy team if you die. Do not carry tons of valuable items on you!

Character Context Menu[edit | edit source]

The Character Context Menu is a menu that can be used to create and invite players to squads and to commend, whisper, kick, mute, and text other players. A player can access the Character Context Menu by holding Alt and left-clicking on another player.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

Your character can do 7 different emotes, that can be triggered by using keys 4 to 0:

  • 4 — Go, go, go
  • 5 — Hold
  • 6 — Rally
  • 7 — Wave
  • 8 — Salute
  • 9 — Surrender
  • 0 — Cheer

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