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Map Icon: MapIconManufacturing.png
Type: Neutral structures
Cost: 400 Basic Materials.png
Slots: 15
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The Refinery is a structure found in towns. It is used to convert raw resources into materials or raw tech into research/upgrade parts. It can convert Salvage into Basic Materials, Diesel and Explosive Materials, Components into Refined Materials, Sulfur into Heavy Explosive Materials, Technology Parts into Research Parts or Upgrade Parts.

  • All resources are processed at different ratios which is displayed in the refinery interface.

To use the refinery you need to have the raw resource in your own inventory. Open up the refinery by pressing e near the door. Then click on the icon that corresponds with the raw resource you have. Left click will refine 1 predefined stack from your inventory, right click will refine all available specific resource in your inventory.

If you Cancel a craft you will LOSE all progress and be returned the original raw resource amount.

Refinery Facilities[edit | edit source]

There are several facilities that must be upgraded for the refinery to process different types of raw resources:

Salvage Processing Facility SalvageIcon.png Components Processing Facility Components.png Sulfur Processing Facility SulfurPlaceholder.png Crude Oil Processing Facility CrudeOilIcon.png
Enables the production of Basic Materials, Diesel and Explosive Materials. Enables the production of Refined Materials Enables the production of Heavy Explosive Materials Enables the production of Petrol
requires 20 Upgrade Parts requires 20 Upgrade Parts requires 20 Upgrade Parts requires 20 Upgrade Parts

Spy Facilities.png

Resource Crafting Rates[edit | edit source]

Raw Refined Refined stack
(per left click)
Time per stack (min)
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Basic Materials.png Basic Materials 20 6 sec
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Diesel.png Diesel 10 12 sec
SalvageIcon.png Salvage Explosive Materials.png Explosive Materials 100 5:33
Components.png Components Refined Materials.png Refined Materials 20 40 sec
CrudeOilIcon.png Crude Oil Petrol.png Petrol 3 6:00
SulfurPlaceholder.png Sulfur HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png Heavy Explosive Materials 20 1:00
TechPartIcon.png Technology Part Tech Parts.png Research Part 1 1 minute
TechPartIcon.png Technology Part UpgradePartIcon.png Upgrade Part 1 1 minute

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Refinery menu.png

Locations[edit | edit source]