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Description[edit | edit source]

When you first spawn into the region you will spawn at the "Home Town" These will be the towns that your team first captures and will probably be the main base of operations for that region. Spawning at home towns DO NOT consume shirts. However, this is not the best for getting soldiers to the frontline, so you'll want to set your spawn point to one of the following buildings; Town Halls, Barracks, and Outposts as soon as you can.

These buildings consume S. Supplies or "shirts" for short. One per respawn.

Ideally you want your respawn to be near where you are going to fight. Ensure these buildings are stocked with those supplies so you can actually spawn if you die. Notify your logistics division if they are not and order some more!

Once all your friendly Town Halls are destroyed, you will respawn randomly in that region or at the border.

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