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Edited picture showing all the spawn options

After dying, you will see a screen with respawn options:

  • Spawn at Home Base
  • Spawn at (the Set Spawn Point)
  • Spawn in the Wild

Spawning at Home Base[edit | edit source]

Also known as the HQ, the Home Base is indicated on the map by a star icon MapIcon Home Base.png. Spawn Supplies (colloquially referred to as Shirts) are not required to be stockpiled in the Home Base in order to spawn there. This spawning option will always be available to players, except in certain conditions in World Conquest.

In World Conquest, the Port Base is the permanent Home Base for each faction's starting region. In contested regions and the opposing faction's starting region, the first Garrison Camp built becomes your faction's Home Base for that region. In the event that the Home Base gets destroyed, another friendly town will become the new Home Base.
Be careful! If you are in a region that doesn't yet have a friendly Home Base, you will be kicked back to your faction's Home Region if you die! (Then you'll have to wait in queue again to join World Conquest if a lot of players are online.)

In Skirmish mode, the Port Base is the permanent Home Base and cannot be changed.

Spawning at (the Set Spawn Point)[edit | edit source]

If you set your spawn at any of the forward (Encampment, Field Base, Outpost) or static bases (Garrison Camp, Garrison Base, Town Hall), then you will be able to see your set spawn point (refer to picture) with the amount of Shirts remaining in it. This spawning option requires Shirts to be stockpiled to the set spawn point. Spawning in this method subtracts 1 Shirt from the spawn point's stockpile. If you didn't set a spawn point you will have to respawn instead from the regional Home Base.

Spawning In The Wild[edit | edit source]

This spawning option appears for the first spawn in the first minute of Skirmish games. Selecting this will spawn you in a random location on the map, somewhere relatively close to your Home Base. It also appears if you die too frequently, which causes the spawn timer to increase. The threshold is around 60 seconds; anything longer and this option appears.