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Safe House
Safe house screenshot front view 1.png
Map Icon: MapIconSafehouse.png
Type: Defenses
Cost: 250 Basic Materials.png
Slots: 15
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A garrisoned building that has been modified to act as an operating base. Players can spawn here if the Operating Post facility is build.
In-game description

The Safe House is a static World Structure that can be found in all towns and surrounding areas in a demolished state.
A team that controls the nearby AI-upgraded Static Base can rebuild it with a Construction Vehicle by interacting E from the front side or from the inside of the structure. When constructed it has an inventory, stockpile, spawn point and additionally acts like a Garrisoned House. Safe houses also feature a elevated and protected firing positions that can be accessed by the owning team by going to the position's particular entry point and pressing the Enter Structure key (Q by default). These firing positions' entry points are marked with a large X on the wall. (All 5 of these positions seen in the Gallery image "numbered crosses".)

Safe houses possess the same three tiers system as Garrisoned Houses.

Safe House Facilities[edit | edit source]

Once the Upgrade Parts are submitted to the facility, they can't be retracted.

Operating Post FacilitiesOperatingPost.png Radio Station FacilitiesRadioStation.png Artillery Shelter FacilitiesArtilleryShelter.png
unlocked with 10 Upgrade Parts unlocked with 5 Upgrade Parts unlocked with 10 Upgrade Parts
Provides a base connection for AI structures. Provide map intelligence. Structure can only be
destroyed from the interior.

Each Safe House facility changes the appearance of the structure on the inside and some even on the outside.

Safe House (all facilities unlocked) inside 1.png Safe House (no facilities) inside.png

  1. Radio Station Can be seen by the radio on the table inside and the antenna attached to the outside structure.
  2. Artillery Shelter Can be seen by the iron plate cover around the windows and the iron mantle around the inner shelter structure.
  3. Operating Post Can be seen by the unpacked supplies near the inner shelter door.

Gallery[edit | edit source]