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Encumbrance: <1% (137=100%)
Uses: Refines into various resources at refinery:

Basic Material (2:1)
Diesel (10:1)
Explosive Materials (20:1)

Salvage is the main resource within Foxhole, and can be obtained by mining Salvage piles on a Salvage Field or by collecting them from a Salvage Mine which has to be fueled in order to work.

It is refined into Basic Materials, Diesel and Explosive materials.

Salvage Field[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The field replenishes in 80-140 real life minutes, but ONLY if that field is once depleted itll countdown to replenish

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Raw resources

SalvageIcon.png Salvage CrudeOilIcon.png Crude Oil MapIconComponents.png Components MapIconSulfur.png Sulfur


Basic Materials.png Basic Diesel.png Diesel Petrol.png Petrol Refined Materials.png Refined Explosive Materials.png Explosive HeavyExplosiveMaterialIcon.png Heavy Explosive Concrete Materials Icon.png Concrete