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Encumbrance: <1% (137=100%)
Uses: Refines into various resources at refinery:

Basic Material (2:1)
Diesel (10:1)
Explosive Materials (20:1)

Salvage is the main resource within Foxhole, and can be obtained by mining Salvage piles on a Salvage Field or by collecting them from a Salvage Mine which has to be fueled in order to work.

It is refined into Basic Materials, Diesel and Explosive materials.

Mining Salvage[edit | edit source]

Salvage can be mined with a Hammer, Sledge Hammer or a Harvester on a Salvage Field MapIconScrap.png

The field replenishes in 80-140 real life minutes, but ONLY if that field is once depleted it will countdown to replenish.

Gallery[edit | edit source]