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Skirmish is a game mode that supplements the ongoing main war in World Conquest. In this mode, battles happen on a smaller scale, taking place on one map at a time as opposed to the 9 simultaneous regions in World Conquest.

After a skirmish match is finished, players are transferred to the Lobby Island for 10 minutes as an intermission. If the number of players on both sides does not reach 10, then the match won't start.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Oarbreaker Isles

Win Condition[edit | edit source]

In order to win, a faction must have control over all victory condition towns A victory condition town and upgrade them to a Town Hall.

Supply Drops[edit | edit source]

One such Supply Drop

Supply Drops are earned in Skirmishes and provide weapons and equipment for each faction's Port Base to use at the start of the World Conquest.

At the end of a Skirmish, all players get a notification indicating the winning faction and the amount of materials, equipment and weapons in the Supply Drop their faction will receive. The Supply Drop amount increases if the player's faction wins, and scales up with the amount of players in their faction who are present at the very end of the Skirmish.

The respective Supply Drop gets sent to each faction's Shipping Facility located in their Home Region. There, players can also view the total accumulated supplies that their faction has.

Tech Tree[edit | edit source]

Skirmish maps feature their own Tech Tree.

Tech tree for skirmish.png
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