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Type: Storage

Stockpiles are the primary point of distribution for weapons and equipment and are found in Forward and Static Bases.

Players can access a stockpile by pressing E (default) (in or out of a transport vehicle) while next to these buildings to see what supplies are available to them. When hovering over an item you can see how many have been stockpiles as well as a short description of the item and its uses. You can left click an item to draw it from the stockpile and after an "assembly" period (length of time dependent on the inherent value of the item) it will be added to your Backpack inventory.

All items in the game can be submitted and removed from the stockpile with the exception of Spawn Supplies and unrefined materials (Scrap, Components, and Sulfur).

Each stockpile is individual and do not share an inventory with other stockpiles on the map.

Transport Trucks[edit | edit source]

When accessing this structure from a Transport Truck, stockpile retrieval is faster and can be done in higher quantities using the RMB (Right Mouse Button). The Player's Truck needs to be quite close to the building to access the stockpile.