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Update 0.12

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Release Date: April 25, 2018

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Armored Car
    • An Urban Combat, Patrol, and Escort Vehicle with dual anti infantry guns
    • 2 passengers, 360 degree field of fire, runs over fences
    • Both faction variants included
    • Double damage is dealt against Armoured Car rear
  • New Vehicle Model: Warden Motorcycle
  • New Skirmish Map: Great March
    • Featuring large rolling hills, farm fields, and multiple approaches into towns, this is the first skirmish map built for combat on an open landscape

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Resource yields are higher when your global team population is lower than that of the enemy
  • Respawn times are faster/slower when your global team population is lower/higher than that of the enemy

Game Balance

  • Sticky Bombs have permanently been removed from Supply Drops
  • Item production structures have permanently been removed from the center regions in Conquest
  • Field Machine Gun Blueprint printing time has been increased from 30 to 90 minutes
  • Half-Track runs over fences
  • Half-Track off road movement speed increased by 15%
  • Half-Track reverse speed increased by 30%
  • Half-Track has improved cover for gunner
  • Handsome Hideaway no longer exists
  • Garrisoned Houses are now available in the Skirmish Tech Tree

Other Changes

  • Monument Park
  • The minimum number of players required for Skirmish to start in the lobby is now displayed at the top of the HUD
  • Back end improvements to global population control
  • WarAPI (Experimental)
    • First version allows third-party developers to access team-neutral map data for all the active World Conquest maps
    • More information will be exposed via this API in the future
    • API documentation

Bug Fixes

  • AI defenses activate when enemy upgrades a Static Base to T2
  • After border travelling, vehicles sometimes fall through the map floor
  • Scrap occasionally gets spawns underneath the landscape
  • Trees cause trucks to get stuck after border travelling
  • Vehicles sometimes spawn in the air after border travelling
  • Player input is re-enabled while viewing the map under certain conditions
  • Resources can't be refunded from Refinery if quantity is too high
  • You can block RPG shells with build sites (which can be exploited for vehicle defense)
  • Travelling to unavailable region will lock your UI World Conquest
  • "Voice activated" icon showing up after travelling to new region
  • Voice chat goes very fast when getting the first of the audio data from a player
  • Time of day can sometimes become desynced between regions
  • Players can get stuck inside a CV parked near the front of a static base
  • Players can sometimes be faction locked out of both sides
  • Player can being moving at sprint speed when transition from prone to walk animation hasn't completed yet
  • Skirmish rollover causes players queued for Conquest to drop from the queue
  • Getting out of APC in water causes character to fall through the water volume
  • Players getting queued when border travelling when target location has very low number of players
  • Can't play skirmish while queue when joining from server list
  • Howitzer Description in Tech Tree talks about kits, which no longer exist
  • If a World Conquest region is unavailable, Region->Region travel silently fails
  • You can use a First Aid Kit on someone who is in the wounded state, and receive a treatment complete message
  • Climb on building in Tempest Island near east crossing
  • Surrender log uses ascii and ends up garbling team into chinese text
  • Trying to Queue for World Conquest while in a skirmish queue gives no feedback
  • Salvage values of items are shown when hovered over in inventory even though refining items is no longer a feature
  • You can kill friendlies with cooked frag/gas grenades in the Home Region
  • Skirmish Static Base build sites are extremely resilient to small arms fire
  • Some shots seem not to register hits under high latency conditions
  • When you are killed while assembling an item, the item is destroyed
  • Tank Commander compass (top left of screen) is relative to the turret, not player direction
  • Upgrade Field Base tooltip suggests it can be upgraded when it cant in Skirmish
  • Win/loss sequence triggers twice if player dies in Skirmish
  • Towns showing up as taken on local map just from the build site going up
  • Some characters in your Steam name default the in-game name to '256'
  • Bayonet silhouette is visible through bushes
  • When in unarmed state, the Fortress Wall displays an incorrect tooltip
  • Sticky Bomb sound can be heard across the whole map
  • Player can successfully border travel while in bleed state, even if their character goes critical in the original region (bleeding stops on other side)
  • Reload icon spins when if you hover it over another player
  • Some icons in the Stockpile have blurry icons
  • Truck launches players a long distance from a slight touch
  • Port Base structures in Mooring County are no longer vulnerable to damage and decay
  • Tank and Howitzer Kits have slots in the stockpile even though they no longer exist in the game
  • Medical Tents at one of the Warden Port bases has Colonial Flags

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