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Update 0.17

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Release date: September 26, 2018

New Content

  • Storage Facility
    • A large building used to store crates of weapons and equipment
    • Acts as a "stockpile" for crates
  • Upgrade Part
    • Technology that can be used to build structure Facilities
    • Refined from Tech Parts
  • Research Part
    • Technology that can be used to research new weapons, equipment, and structures
    • Refined from Tech Parts
  • Factory:
    • Visuals & UI has been redesigned
    • Now requires Facilities to produce each type of item
  • Refinery (New):
    • Visuals & UI has been redesigned
    • Now requires Facilities to refine each resource type
  • Fisherman's Row V2:
    • Map has been expanded and redesigned to be part of Conquest and to support a larger number of players
  • FCL3
    • This is an experimental map used for Foxhole Competition League events

Gameplay Features and Changes

  • Facilities
    • Facilities are upgrade modules that add new functionality to World Structures
    • Base Facilities:
      • Small Garrison - Prevents structure decay on surrounding structures when Garrison Supplies exist in the stockpile
      • Large Garrison - Reduces the cost of Garrison Supplies for preventing structure decay
    • Factory Facilities:
      • Small Arms - Enables the production of small arms weapons
      • Special - Enables the production of heavy and special weapons
      • Utility - Enables the production of tools and equipment
      • Medical - Enables the production of medical items
      • Supplies - Enables the production of supply items
      • Basic Materials - Enables refining Scrap into Basic Materials
      • Refined Materials - Enables refining Components into Refined Materials
      • Explosive Materials - Enables refining Sulfur into Explosive Materials
  • Base mechanics changes
    • Garrison Size no longer exists
    • AI radius is fixed to 80m for Forward Bases and 150m for Town Bases
    • Small/Large Garrison Facility is now required to upgrade bases to T2/T3
  • Forward Bases now leave behind a destroyed "husk", which retains built Facilities and can be claimed by the enemy faction
  • All Town Bases can be upgraded to T3, regardless of whether or not they are at a Victory town
  • Tech Part changes
    • Tech Parts can no longer be submitted to the Tech Center directly
    • Tech Parts are now refined into Research Parts (Tech Tree) and Upgrade Parts (Facilities)
    • Bad luck protection - Chance for Tech Part drop is now guaranteed over a certain period of time
  • Pistols & Revolvers have a much shorter time to stability when aim is invoked
  • Foliage Visibility mechanics changes
    • Players are now only hidden when they are standing still inside foliage
  • Previous Medical Lab structures have been converted into Garrisoned buildings
  • Decay timer resets incrementally with each repair strike, rather than all at once when a structure is fully repaired

Game Balance

  • Campsite is no longer available
  • Tunnel Networks are no longer available
    • Bases now have a fixed large AI radius now, rendering Tunnel Networks obsolete
  • Outposts are now available in Skirmish mode
  • AT Rifle damage increased by 50%
  • Port Bases start with 500 Upgrade Parts in their stockpiles
  • Upgrade Parts have been added to Supply Drops
    • Obtaining these during skirmish will be vital in getting a head start in Conquest
  • Port Base layouts have been redesigned
  • Forward Bases without Garrison Facilities / Supplies now decay at a very slow rate
  • Storage Box item capacity reduced from 18 to 15 slots
  • All Base structure item capacities increased from 12 to 15 slots
  • Refinery cost is changed from Scrap to Basic Materials
  • Refinery now requires a CV to build
  • Tech Parts
    • Tech Parts now retrieve from stockpiles at a faster rate
    • Tech Parts are no longer stackable
    • Tech Part drop rate increased by ~30%
    • Tech Part drop rate increased by an additional 50% in Skirmish mode
  • Tech Tree changes
    • Scrap Mine and Sulfur Mine moved to an earlier location in the Tech Tree
    • Scrap Mine Research Part requirement decreased from 800 to 400
    • Sulfur Mine Research Part requirement decreased from 800 to 400
    • Metal Wall Research Part requirement increased from 250 to 400
    • Howitzer Research Part requirement increased from 200 to 300
    • Smoke Grenade Research Part requirement increased from 200 to 300

UI Revamp

  • The user interface has been revamped across the board for improved efficiency, usability, and immersion
    • The visuals may take some time to get used to, so please be patient!
    • Let us know if there is a particular workflow that is slower/more painful than before
  • Key improvements
    • Item Categories - Tabs to organize item categories on Production and Stockpile screens
    • Faster Item Retrieval - The stockpile screen no longer closes when retrieving items
    • Factory Screen - One screen displays all production information so all orders and queues can be managed in one place.
    • Items can now be individually removed from an order before submission without the need to cancel the entire order first.
    • Structure Build Screen - Build menu is now located on the bottom of the screen, leaving more space on screen for placement planning
    • HUD - HUD elements have been pushed to the corners of the screen, increasing the viewable area for gameplay

Map Changes

  • Almost every town now has a Factory, Refinery, and Storage Facility
  • Trench asset has been updated
  • Port Bases have been redesigned for consistency and game balance

Other Changes

  • Friends List
    • Players can now mark players as a friend from any player context menu (ALT-click OR operations list)
  • Alert is now shown when you spawn into a region where your spawn point was destroyed
  • Improved robustness of initial server connection code, which reduces the chances of "No Home Regions Found" error
  • Create operation button is now hidden when the player is already in an operation
  • Vehicles moving at slow speed can no longer be blocked by enemies

Bug Fixes

  • Player jittering making it nearly impossible to land a bullet on said player
  • RPGs being lobbed over long distances using tall environment meshes
  • When the last friendly town in Mooring County gets destroyed, players spawn in darkness
  • Water travel to Weathered Expanse causes multiple vehicles to become stuck
  • Drawbridge build sites don't properly collapse into a Destroyed Drawbridge after a server reboot (resulting in the bridge vanishing completely)
  • Facing west will cause you to instantly lose accuracy
  • Player can not edit profile; Sees error 'Could not retrieve profile'
  • Fixed critical server bug that causes entire regions to be inaccessible during poor network conditions
  • Stockpile items lost sometimes after a region server reboot
  • Gate state (open / close) isn't properly restored after a region server reboot
  • Welcome to Foxhole! message sends after traveling between regions every time
  • Players able to easily shoot other players that are prone behind sandbags
  • Gates can be built in places where they intersect with the landscape, prevents them from being closed
  • If you enter a boat while your character is drowning, you can no longer swim until you die
  • RPG can't fire over sandbags, hits AT mines on the road instead of flying over
  • You cause friendly fire if you throw explosives at friendly backpacks on the ground
  • You are not able to fire an RPG above sandbags while crouching
  • Travelling from Endless to Umbral sometimes positions vehicles incorrectly (ie; facing east instead of south)
  • Voice chat is not muted despite Foxhole being put into the background
  • After border traveling it is possible that your chat channel is set to nothing
  • Looking through binoculars and closing tank hatch causes crosshair to aim strangely
  • Players can fire out of Fortress Bunkers without facing proper direction
  • Metal bridges over trenches cause slow driving speed
  • Jumping off waterfall in Umbral Wildwood Q8K8 results in you can swimming in the air
  • Setting spawn at a Regional HQ and rejoining this region (from Home Island) consumes 1 Soldier Supply Works with every regional HQ
  • Local voice chat is now muted on the death screen
  • Map bugs
    • Players spawn in the water or other unplayable areas after a Home Region or Skirmish Lobby rollover
    • Central road and road just outside of Colonial Portbase Oarbreaker acts as if it's off road
    • Traveling from Deadlands to Farranac on land can place player in water
    • Vehicle Factory at Luch's Workshop in Mooring County buried in snow
    • Townhall in Oarbreakers, the Report, is raised above the ground
    • The Reaching Trail; Ice Ranch tag far removed from Townhall
    • Road outside Camp Posterus causes vehicles to slow
    • Barges are teleporting onto land in Westgate when travelling south from Farranac Coast
    • Very top right of the Umbral map (around T1) will show player at 0x0 on the map
    • Floating wall in Umbral Wildwood N7k5
    • Smoke effect above ground at L11k1 Umbral
    • Road in Southwest Deadlands / Southeast Farranac don't match up when traveling, goes from road to offroad
    • Random snow texture at C19 Umbral Wildwood
    • Snow footprints / vehicle tracks appear in mud/stone landscapes in Deadlands - D10K4
    • Weathered Expanse P13, most of the beach are cliffs, can't land troopship, drive APC up
    • If player goes to the northern, or southern border of Great March, the player location icon will be placed at A1k7
    • Road on map near Morrighan's Grave doesn't exist in world

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