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Update 0.19

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Jump to: navigation, search Server & Client Hotfix

  • Fixed issue that caused players to spawn at an invalid location when region travelling (all known cases are fixed now)
  • Fixed issue that allowed Construction Vehicles to submit materials to all structures
  • Fixed issue that sometimes shows the message "Can't enter an enemy structure' when using friendly structures
  • Fixed issue that allows players to access their backpack while inside a vehicle
  • Fixed issue where players can no longer perform any actions after entering/exiting vehicles
  • Fixed issue that allows players to shoot through Sandbags while prone
  • Fixed rare crash that occurs when switching seats in a vehicle
  • When the player can't access the shard, a support link is now provided with steps on how to resolve the issue Server & Client Hotfix

  • Fixed long stall that occurs after loading into the Home Region
  • Fixed critical bug that would cause the Home Base to unexpectedly transfer to another location

0.19 Initial Release

Release date: November 15, 2018

New Content

  • Refined Fuel
    • Refined fuel that has higher efficiency than regular fuel and is required to power advanced structures
    • Vehicles now consume Refined Fuel at 33% the normal rate
      • Regular Fuel is prioritized for consumption when the vehicle inventory has both
    • Can be refined from regular Fuel at the Refinery after the corresponding facility has been built

Gameplay Changes and Features

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Redesigned projectile throw indicator (Frag Grenade, HE Grenade, etc) that makes it visually clearer when there obstacles in the trajectory
  • Unreal Engine upgraded from 4.16 to 4.20, enabling lots of under the hood improvements and paving the way for future optimizations such as higher player capacity
  • Tech Tree screen has been updated to be consistent with the new UI design principles
  • Animations improved for tank commander seat stance
  • Animations improved for Heavy Machine Gun stance
  • Vivox engine has been updated to latest version

Bug Fixes

  • Min stability of weapons were being capped at 50% instead of 0%, allowing unintended weapon accuracy while moving
  • Water vehicles stack at the border after border traveling in tight groups
  • Gun Turrets don't fire back at attacking Light Tanks that are far away
  • Team Kills while in a vehicle are not attributed to the player
  • While upgrading a FOB it stops acting as a spawn point when it turns into a build site
  • If you reload your weapon and unequip/switch it over the inventory tab, the magazine is lost and the weapon is not reloaded
  • Being under a bridge while its being rebuilt will get you stuck inside the build site
  • Loading screen flickers
  • Aiming / spinning and then emoting causing the emote to play out while player is moving
  • Logged off characters (Snoozing) can't be run over by trucks. You either collide and stop or the truck hops over them
  • Dead Harvest event Carved Totems are producible at the Factory in World Conquest
  • Bullet impacts on the ground are only visible from certain camera angles
  • A Town Hall that is being upgraded does not turn into the Home Base when the previous Home Base is destroyed
  • Attempting to pick up non-stackable items multiple times may result in duplicate items
  • You are unable to turn a HMG while aiming it inside a Fortress Bunker
  • Level 1 Gates don't play open / close sound when triggering from vehicle
  • Switching from driver to gunner in a tank doesn't display "Switching seats..." message for length of forced inactivity
  • Players often fail to see a friendly unit occupying a defensive structure (Foxhole, Bunker)
  • Hitting a player with a vehicle doesn't play the hit sound for the driver
  • Deploying an HMG while falling on a reinforced wall will allow you to fire from on top of the wall
  • Warden Motorcycle drivers cannot open gates
  • Mines reference Factory under Inventory in UI
  • Barges are able to achieve a speed increase when departing a dock when certain conditions are met
  • Victory screen is hidden if other UI is open
  • If player enters Howitzer while another player is still on the platform, both players become permanently stuck
  • Garrison House on top of a Scrap field at Frostmarch in Weathered Expanse

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