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Update 0.27

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Release date: July 16th, 2019

New Content[edit | edit source]

  • Resource Container
    • A large dumpster used to ship a large quantity of raw resources
    • Can be directly submitted to a Refinery's stockpile
    • Contained resources are visible without accessing the UI
  • Operation Stockpile
    • Securely stores crates and vehicles that are to be used for an operation
    • Once an operation start time is defined, equipment can only be added and not retrieved from the Stockpile
    • Players must have 3 other Squad members in the region to schedule an Operation
    • NOTE: This feature is currently unrelated to the Map Operations feature

New Features[edit | edit source]

  • Map Posts
    • Players can post information on the world map that other players can reply to
    • Posts can be upvoted and downvoted, affecting it's lifespan
    • Map Posts replaces Squad Markers and Map Callouts, which have been removed

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Resource changes
    • Before a Conquest begins, resource placement can now be re-rolled dynamically if the distribution is deemed too unstable
    • Resource distribution algorithm has been tweaked such that Components and Sulfur are more available in the backline regions, providing more stability to the war
  • Structure Build Sites with no materials in them are now destroyed when rammed by a vehicle
  • Construction Vehicle and Cranes can now be submitted to Storage Depots / Operation Stockpiles
  • Materials can now be converted to a Crate at any Crate Stockpile
    • This change was made purely to still allow Materials to be stored in Shipping Containers after we removed the messy Shipping Container hacks from Update 26
  • The player that locks a Flatbed Truck can now lift Shippables off of it
  • Players are no longer allowed to enter enemy claimed Construction Vehicles
    • This is a short term change to address the low barrier for claiming backline enemy towns
  • Refinery Stockpile is now preserved through destruction

Game Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Armoured Cars now consume Diesel instead of Petrol
  • Howitzer Shell HE Material cost reduced from 40 to 20
  • Motorcycles inventory capacity increased from 1 to 2
  • Motorcycle fuel consumption rate reduced by 33%
  • Light Tanks
    • Production Part RMat cost from 1000 to 700
    • Reduce 40mm Round - HE Material cost from 100 to 60
    • Reduce 40mm AP Round - HE Material/Refined Material cost from 100 to 60
    • Reduce 40mm HE Round - HE Material cost reduced from 200 to 140
    • Reduce 40mm SH Round - HE Material/Refined Material cost from 20 to 10
    • Petrol consumption has been decreased by 20%
  • Light Tanks and Field Artillery have swapped positions in the Tech Tree
  • RPG base damage reduced by 15%
  • Diesel assembly times have been reduced by 50%
  • Flatbed Trucks offroad and turning speeds have been reduced
  • Shipping Container decay speed reduced by 50%
  • HE Grenades are no longer stackable
  • HE Grenade damage increased by 15%
  • Gun Nest health reduced by 15%
  • Chance to yield Tech Parts from Components reduced by 35%
    • This is roughly equivalent to the rate of yielding tech from Salvage over time
  • Civic Center Upgrade Part requirement increased from 25 to 50
    • NOTE: Due to a server deployment bug, this change will not be in effect in the first war of Update 27

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Press Spacebar to center the map on the World Map screen
  • World Map is automatically centered when you open it
  • Ladder code has been refactored for increased robustness and less bugs
  • A few extra Observation Towers have been added to the world

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Players can sometimes get stuck on the loading screen in the Home Region when it resets
  • Landing Ship is still referred to as the Cargo Ship in several places
  • Crane Arm material is incorrect after it clips through an obstacle
  • After dying, some players are put into free fly camera mode before returning to Home Region
  • Cannot climb Lughbone Dam Ladders while drawbridge is raised
  • Players are allowed to wildspawn in some maps even if they don't have any viable spawn points in them
  • Players sometimes drown or get stuck when dismounting from a Ladder
  • Cannot border travel with Landing APCs on land because the ramp spawns down
  • Vehicle can desync from a Barge, causing it to float in midair after the Barge pulls away
  • Sometimes enemy Watchtowers within range of friendly ones will provide intel
  • Safehouses with an Artillery Shelter can still be damaged by Satchel Charges placed outside
  • Barges sometimes get stuck when trying to deploy at odd angles at docks
  • Materials can be lost if working on a build site that's collapsed
  • Some vehicles drive slowly over bridges
  • Map Bugs
    • Bridge exists in Umbral Wildwood where trucks get stuck and fall into the river
    • Bridge overlaps a drawbridge ladder in Drowned Vale
    • Map streaming between Heartlands and Westgate not smooth in parts
    • Bridge in Viper Pit causes trucks to get stuck
    • Players can climb through some rocks in Deadlands
    • Traveling from Oarbreaker Isles to Fisherman's Row via water can put you on land
    • Player can fall through the world in a spot in Heartlands
    • A ramp to a Mine in Westgate is too narrow and steep for big vehicle like Flatbed Truck
    • Players will fall through the ground in Weathered Expanse, near the south border
    • Bridge in The Moors is too steep and impassable for slow vehicles
    • It's too easy to get ships stuck on rocks in Godcrofts
    • Small portion of road in Farranac Coast is treated as offroad
    • There are incorrect collisions on a mountain in Endless Shore, creating an 'invisible wall'
    • Bridge in Marban Hollow is too steep to be used by Trucks
    • Area labeled 'Oarbreaker Shipping Lane' leads to Fisherman Row
    • Player can become stuck in some rocks at Shackled Chasm
    • Mine in Tarsal Pathway (Deadlands) can't be used, built, or destroyed

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