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Update 0.30

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Release date: October 16th, 2019

Dead Harvest Event[edit | edit source]

  • The annual Foxhole Halloween event returns!
  • New features include:
    • 3 Undead classes
    • Cursed Forts (Undead Bases)
    • Centurion Relic Vehicle (aka a Mech) for the living
    • World Conquest metagame
  • For a detailed breakdown on Dead Harvest 2019, check out What is Dead Harvest
  • Watch our Dead Harvest Spotlight video

New Features[edit | edit source]

Gameplay Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Cranes can now be built near any Town Hall or Fort (like Construction Vehicles)
  • If a player dies and their Home Base is out of Soldier Supplies, they now have an option to spawn at the nearest available Home Base
  • Crude Oil can now be stockpiled at the Refinery
  • Freighter now has a passenger seat
  • XP is now granted when using the Harvester
  • Flatbed Trucks can now be stockpiled at Storage Depots
  • Operation Stockpile no longer restricts access after it becomes active (it only restricts when another Operation is scheduled)
  • Construction Vehicles can now be claimed by the opposite faction again
  • Soldier Supplies can't be retrieved from a Stockpile if there's less than 100 available
  • AT Mines can no longer be placed in the border no build area
  • All existing saved personal spawn points are now cleared when travelling from the Home Region to the World
  • Item Stashes / Item Dropping
    • Items are now placed into a nearby stash when they are dropped, instead of individually being placed on the ground
    • NOTE: This has been done for performance and future content scalability reasons, not for gameplay purposes
  • Any Mortar ammo type can now be fired from an Emplacement House
  • The world will now reset into a minimal layout when Resistance Phase begins
    • NOTE: This is done to temporarily make Foxhole more accessible for new players in between wars and is not intended as a long term solution

Game Balance[edit | edit source]

  • Landing Ship health is increased by 25%
  • Frontier Base is now buildable with Hammers

Other Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Structure icons are now rendered on the HUD minimap for vehicle drivers
  • Stockpiles now show all stocked items on the minimap tooltip instead of a limited list
  • Vehicle count for Storage Depots is now shown on the minimap tooltip
  • Tech Parts at Salvage/Component Mines are now shown on the minimap tooltip
  • Players are now notified when their backpack is full while gathering resources

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Unable to click on Deployment points on the Deployment screen after a war rolls over
  • Landing APC ramp can be lowered on water in some cases
  • Resource count in the map tooltip sometimes reads as a negative values after a server restart
  • Strong Materials still appear in Stockpiles even though they have been removed
  • Colonial Home Region Storage Facility tutorial text has a typo
  • Rocket Site, Vehicle Factory, Resource Mines, and Shipyards item drop locations aren't easily accessible
  • Warden Gunboat movement speed is slower than the Colonial Gunboat
  • Warden Gunboat always has damage effects on
  • XP isn't rewarded for performing actions with the Harvester
  • Vehicle icon no longer shows up in the top left corner when driving
  • Border travel is allowed certain places where it shouldn't be between Deadlands and Callahan's Passage
  • Players can get stuck on invisible collisions on the Watch Tower
  • Invincibility timers now work at Forward Bases
  • Vehicle Factory and some Garrison Houses don't have visual effects when they are destroyed
  • Map bugs
    • Players are able to build structures including underwater around Lost Parition in Westgate
    • Cobble road in Shackled Chasm doesn't provide movement speed buffs
    • Landscape flickers on some parts of the border between Drowned Value and Shackled Chasm
    • Aim interface is broken in a specific area in Allod's Bight
    • Players can build in some areas of the shallows in Drowned Vale

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