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Tools[edit | edit source]

Icon Tool Cost
Units produced per Crate
Encumbrance Usage
Hammer.png Hammer N/A N/A 4% Mining Salvage; constructing buildings; repairing vehicles
Sledge Hammer.png Sledge Hammer 200 Basic Materials.png 10 18% Mining Components and Sulfur; mining Salvage faster
Wrench.png Wrench 75 Basic Materials.png 5 5% Unlocking locked vehicles; dismantling Barbed Wire, Anti-Tank Mine, and Tank Trap
Binoculars.png Binoculars 75 Basic Materials.png 5 2% Seeing farther ahead when used; spotting for Howitzers or Field Artillery
ShovelIcon.png Shovel 200 Basic Materials.png 10 19% Used for digging Trenches and Bunkers

Utility Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Item Cost
Units produced per Crate
Encumbrance Usage
Radio.png Radio 100 Basic Materials.png 5 <1% Updating Map Intelligence every 3 in-game minutes
Radio backpacks.png Radio Backpack 100 Basic Materials.png 5 27% Recording Map Intelligence directly in front of the player, remotely; updating it every 3 in-game minutes

Also updates Map Intelligence as a Radio does every 3 in-game minutes Allows a spotter to set a target for the Rocket Launch Site, when used with binoculars

Gas Mask.png Gas Mask 160 Basic Materials.png 20 4% Protecting from Green Ash as long as you have a Gas Mask Filter left

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