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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.26) of the game.

Vehicles are divided into groups based on where they are built.

Vehicle Factory[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Inventory Slots Production Part Cost
CraneVehicleIcon.png Crane A heavy mobile crane used to lift vehicles and very heavy equipment. None 125 Basic Materials.png 100L
6 Diesel.png/min
5 N/A
FlatbedTruckVehicleIcon.png Flatbed Truck A road based shipping truck that's used to transport large objects and light vehicles. None 130 Basic Materials.png 150L
6 Link=Diesel
1 125 Link=Refined Materials
Transport Truck.png Transport Truck A utility vehicle used to mobilize troops and supplies. None 100 Basic Materials.png 100L
15 N/A
OilTankerIcon.png Fuel Tanker A specialised truck that can carry large amounts of fuel. None 100 Basic Materials.png 150L
2 N/A
MotorcycleVehicleIcon.png Patrol Motorcycle A motorcycle used to patrol large areas.Speed can be boosted at the cost of additional fuel. None 85 Basic Materials.png 100L
1 N/A
FieldMG.png Field Machine Gun A high caliber, anti-infantry gun. Excellent at suppression. 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun 100 Basic Materials.png N/A 1 125Refined Materials.png
ScoutVehicleIcon.png Light Utility Vehicle A multipurpose off-road vehicle that can scout nearby targets. None 120 Basic Materials.png 100L
9 50Link=Refined Materials
ArmoredCar.png Armored Car A patrol vehicle that's effective against infantry. Uses 7.92mm ammo. 7.92mm Machine Gun 100 Basic Materials.png 150L
6 Link=Petrol
1 125Refined Materials.png
LandingAPC.png Landing APC An armored amphibious vehicle used to transport infantry across both land and sea. None 140 Basic Materials.png 150L
6 75Link=Refined Materials
Half-Truck.png Half-track An armored all-terrain vehicle used to support infantry during assaults. 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun 120 Basic Materials.png 150L
3 350Link=Refined Materials
Field Artillery.png Field Artillery A long range mobile artillery used to lay siege to fortified positions. Artillery Gun 70 Basic Materials.png N/A 1 1200Link=Refined Materials
Light Tank Icon.png Light Tank A versatile light tank designed to excel in close combat. 40mm Calibre Gun 150 Basic Materials.png 200L
1 1000Link=Refined Materials
BattleTank War.png Battle Tank A slow, multi purpose battle tank with better armor and a built-in machine gun. 75mm Calibre Gun, 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun 200 Basic Materials.png 250L
3 2000Link=Refined Materials

Shipyard[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Inventory Slots
Barge.png Barge A large vessel used to transport vehicles,equipment, and personnel across bodies of water.
Total Seats - 1 driver. Capabilities to transport 6 infantry.
None 150 Basic Materials.png 15
GunShip.png Gunboat A ship designed to bombard coastal targets. Uses Lt. Arty Shells and 14.5mm for ammunition.
Total Seats - 1 driver, 2 gunners, 1 spotter.
Light Artillery Gun,
14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun
120 Basic Materials.png 4
Cargoship.png Landing Ship A heavily armoured vessel that can permanently deploy into a forward base.

Total Seats - 1 driver.

None 300 Basic Materials.png 12
FreighterVehicleIcon.png Freighter A water based shipping vessel that's used to transport large objects and heavy vehicles.

Total Seats - 1 driver.

None 300 Basic Materials.png 10 inventory + 5 Shippables

Static Base[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Stats:
Inventory Slots
Construction Vehicle.png Construction Vehicle A vehicle used to build large structures.
Total Seats - 1 driver and 1 construction arm controller
None 100 Basic Materials.png Diesel

Coast[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel consumption (unit/min): Inventory Slots
Motorboat Icon.png Motorboat A small, fast boat for traveling between islands.
Total Seats - 1 pilot and 2 passengers
None 60 Basic Materials.png ? 2