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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.30) of the game. It was last updated for 0.26.

Vehicles are divided into groups based on where they are built.

Vehicle Factory[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Capacity & Usage Rate Inventory Slots
Harvester.png Harvester A heavy mining vehicle that can be used by teams to gather resources more effectively. It can also be used to cleanup battlefields after a conflict. None 120 Refined Materials.png 200L
? Diesel.png/min
FlatbedTruckVehicleIcon.png Flatbed Truck A road based shipping truck that's used to transport large objects and light vehicles. None 30 Refined Materials.png 150L
6 Link=Diesel
Transport Truck.png Transport Truck A utility vehicle used to mobilize troops and supplies. None 100 Basic Materials.png 100L
Transport Bus Icon.png Transport Bus A transport vehicle used to shuttle personnel to the front line. None 100 Basic Materials.png 100L
OilTankerIcon.png Fuel Tanker A specialised truck that can carry large amounts of fuel. None 100 Basic Materials.png 150L
MotorcycleVehicleIcon.png Patrol Motorcycle A motorcycle used to patrol large areas.Speed can be boosted at the cost of additional fuel. None 85 Basic Materials.png 100L
FieldMG.png Field Machine Gun A high caliber, anti-infantry gun. Excellent at suppression. 14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun 25 Refined Materials.png N/A 1
ScoutVehicleIcon.png Light Utility Vehicle A multipurpose off-road vehicle that can scout nearby targets. None 10 Refined Materials.png 100L
ArmoredCar.png Armored Car A patrol vehicle that's effective against infantry. Uses 7.92mm ammo. 7.92mm Machine Gun 40 Refined Materials.png 150L
6 Link=Petrol
LandingAPC.png Landing APC An armored amphibious vehicle used to transport infantry across both land and sea. None 20 Refined Materials.png 150L
Half-Truck.png Half-track An armored all-terrain vehicle used to support infantry during assaults. 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun 70 Refined Materials.png 150L
Field Artillery.png Field Artillery A long range mobile artillery used to lay siege to fortified positions. Artillery Gun 120x2 Refined Materials.png N/A 1
Light Tank Icon.png Light Tank A versatile light tank designed to excel in close combat. 40mm Calibre Gun 140 Refined Materials.png 200L
BattleTankIcon.png Battle Tank A slow, multi purpose battle tank with better armor and a built-in machine gun. 75mm Calibre Gun, 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun 200x2 Refined Materials.png 250L

Shipyard[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Inventory Slots
Barge.png Barge A large vessel used to transport vehicles,equipment, and personnel across bodies of water.
Total Seats - 1 driver. Capabilities to transport 6 infantry.
None 150 Basic Materials.png 15
GunShip.png Gunboat A ship designed to bombard coastal targets. Uses Lt. Arty Shells and 14.5mm for ammunition.
Total Seats - 1 driver, 2 gunners, 1 spotter.
Light Artillery Gun,
14.5mm Heavy Machine Gun
160 Refined Materials.png 4
Cargoship.png Landing Ship A heavily armoured vessel that can permanently deploy into a forward base.

Total Seats - 1 driver.

None 100 Refined Materials.png 12
FreighterVehicleIcon.png Freighter A water based shipping vessel that's used to transport large objects and heavy vehicles.

Total Seats - 1 driver.

None 50 Refined Materials.png 10 inventory + 5 Shippables

Static Base[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel Stats:
Inventory Slots
Construction Vehicle.png Construction Vehicle A vehicle used to build large structures.
Total Seats - 1 driver and 1 construction arm controller
None 100 Basic Materials.png Diesel
CraneVehicleIcon.png Crane A heavy mobile crane used to lift vehicles and very heavy equipment. None 125 Basic Materials.png 100L
6 Diesel.png/min

Coast[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Armament Cost Fuel consumption (unit/min): Inventory Slots
Motorboat Icon.png Motorboat A small, fast boat for traveling between islands.
Total Seats - 1 pilot and 2 passengers
None 60 Basic Materials.png ? 2