World Conquest

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World Conquest
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Victory Condition: Capture enough Victory Points and upgrade them to Level 3 Town halls

World Conquest is the main game mode of Foxhole. In it, all of the game's regions are fought on simultaneously, with ten of them - the centre nine regions, plus Oarbreaker Isles - being connected to each other. Certain towns are "Victory Condition" towns, indicated on the map by a faint gray circle around the town's static base A victory condition town. In order to win, a faction must control and upgrade a certain number of Victory Condition towns to a tier 3 Static Base - Town Hall. This number can be found at the top centre of the world map.

Before the war proper begins there is a skirmish phase where smaller battles are played out on the skirmish maps. A faction can win a skirmish by upgrading all its circled victory towns to tier 3. Winning a skirmish provides a team with extra materials in their port bases.

Starting Layout[edit | edit source]

The Colonials start off having control of all towns in Westgate, Heartlands, and Umbral Wildwood. The Wardens start off having control of all towns in Mooring County, Callahan's Passage, and Weathered Expanse. Each faction has one town each in Farranac Coast, Deadlands and Endless Shore, while the other towns start off destroyed and neutral.

End War[edit | edit source]

Once a faction has upgraded enough Victory Condition towns to Town Halls, a 1-hour timer will appear acting as a "celebratory period". After this period, all players will be taken back to the Home Region, where they can then join Skirmish matches. A "cooldown period" — a break between wars — will commence, the length of which will vary. You can check how long the break will last by checking the War Tent in the Home Region.

History[edit | edit source]

World Conquest was experimentally tested on in Update 0.9 and officially released in Update 0.10. An early prototype of World Conquest was released during the Pre-Alpha in Update but was discontinued.

War History[edit | edit source]